Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Million, Friends, 8

Last Friday I had a day off from class, so I did what I needed to do, went shopping. When you’re preparing to travel, you need to get a lot of things done.

So there I was, found a nice parking slot at Midvalley and walked in to the 3rd floor where the GSC theater is and there it hit me.

I really missed watching a movie at the theater, didn’t help when the ticket counter kept calling my name and I involuntarily inched forward. It’s been so long since I saw a movie. I wanted to watch Sepet, but the timing was at some god forsaken time where I’d be working! Then scanned the list. I stood in line wondering what to watch, Lemony snicket? Hitch? Million? My mind went on and on.

Then I reached the counter and looked at the fella sitting on the other side, 2 sec decision decided Million Dollar Baby needs to be watched.

Oh and what a movie. Please go and watch it, if I start talking about it this will be a spoiler post, so shall shut up and tell you : PLEASE WATCH IT. :))

Now I know why they won the Oscar, Hillary Swanks acting worldclass. Do I even need to explain Clint and Freeman?

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"Yes Bos"

If you can’t stand blood, don’t watch, its slightly gory in the sense a nose and cheek gets broken every other shot.

Came out with tears in the eyes, overwhelmed with emotions, that’s how everyone in the theater felt. So rushed off to do some shopping, in the time left. And then I get an sms.

R u at home?

No? I’m out.

Come meet me, so long since I saw you.

Don’t get ideas, that was my net sis smsing me. Net sis? What’s that. The story goes back to my days of IRCing. Used to jointly own a hip and happening channel called Mindians. Cool name huh.

Well thats where I met my darling sisters, Aks, me and thangs. What foreign language is this? Cheh cheh this also must explain.

Aks = Akka/ Elder sis

Thangs = Tangachi/ Younger sis

Anyway that was some 8 years back, the channels no longer there, I grew bored of IRC some 4 years back, we’re great friends now, we’ve even met respective parents. I love this 2 sis of mine, such a nice bond. So this ones a real small kid whom we often pass of as a 10 year old hehehe. She can still qualify for underage movie tickets heheh though she’s old enough to party.

Promised I’d meet her after I finished. We met up and had ice cream and fries, Mcd’s style and chatted till the staff started giving us the evil eye -

"Whei get outla, we want to go home!"

Anyway the gist of the conversation was to have fun together one of these days. Amazingly, I have a week of from class as soon as I get back, (yippieeeeee!!!) So that was what the meet was about. Geting a date from me to watch Chandramuki.

So current plan, release date evening@ New Year, we shall go storm one of the cinemas. GSC of course is the first choice, though I’d like to watch at Collisuem. We have this thing, ritual if you must say, Rajini, Kamal movie must watch at the theater in the first 3 days.

Now Collisuem is one of the oldest theaters and quite a big one, nice big screen well maintained sound system, though can’t say the same about the seats. Old cinemala. But the experience? No need to explainla, just terrific especially if its a Rajini movie. As you know I love commenting and listening to comments so that's the place to be, I won’t risk running into temple priest like I would at GSC. I watched Padayapa there, one night late night which ended up with me being grounded. Storytelling another day :p

I actually wanted to catch it in India, but sadly don’t have enough leave to stay longer. :((

Well here’s as fun if not more :pppppp

So that’s one date, I’m also supposed to meet other friends, have a few nights out and ext ext. Yippieee going to have fun hhehehe sad sad current no life shall be brightened up :ppppp

Actually I’ve been blackmailed at knife point to meet them, ennadi you think you so great go missing so long? I either see you before you leave or after :p

In this past few months, have been called traitor, only mouth talking but no action, and worse stuff unmentionable in public coz I haven’t been free.

So people have resorted to calling and setting no blackmailing for appointments. Gee enna friends. :p

That’s not all my net friend of 8 years is finally dropping by the country for a visit come May, on his way to India and on the flight back. So on that day I’d have to do acrobatic stunts, pick him up, dump him somewhere, go to work for half a day, then spend some time and dump him again at the airport.

Disclaimer all this dump words were exactly used by him so I have no attachments to it or am I to be blamed hehehe.

I’m quite excited, that I’m finally meeting him, the last to meet from the whole batch. So lots of friends meeting in the next few months all starting with the India one of course.

Looking forward to all of it. :p


IBH said...


Your rate of blogging is top of the world..but give me some time to read it..I would love to read it..but no time :(( especially after my return from NY it is just too much for me.....neways!have a great day!

Freeyavedu said...

Good movie. But, had to post this after watching the movie.. hehe


visithra said...

IBH : Welcome back, how was New York?

Hhehe yeah the fingers seem to love moving :p

Free : yep that's why I issued the warning. I remember reading ur post but anywayz reread it. The difference between KillBill and Million is the former is pure mayhem quite far from reality you don't connect with the characters emotionally. Whereelse Million pulls you to love the characters as your own, thats why it hurts when they do, same like the accident you saw its reality - thats y the reaction. You're a case of reality hemophobia. :)))

Twin-Gemini said...

This Sepet film, is this an english one or is it subtitled? How is the Malaysian film Industry, is it any way comparable to one of ours? Although the site is all in English, not quite sure. Havent yet watched Million Dollar baby, should watch it soon. Enjoy your time in India!

visithra said...

Sepet is a Malaysian film in the Malay language (actually it has a few languages thrown in). Malaysian film industry is broken up by language. The Malay industry, you can live and work in the industry. For all other languages, the scope is little and most of the ones involved do it for the passion not for the money while holding secure jobs.

The difference - would be based on the language as well, quality wise as well - the quality movies come from the budget movies - from artistic directors with no money - the ones with money shoot horrible stuff. I'll post in detail one of these days. :)

Do watch Million Dollar baby, Did enjoy my trip :)))