Thursday, March 17, 2005

I’m freaking out

I’ve never really had stage fright. I’m one of those people who can bluff themselves out despite making mistakes.

However I’m wary about performing in front of a learned audience. That’s why all that tension during the preview. Even though I’m happy the venue has changed to India, its giving me the butterflies.

1. Everyone knows music and is well versed in its intricacies there. Even the students are brilliant and they have daily classes, get daily exposure and can watch a kutcheri any day they want. We have limited of all those. Its scary to perform in front of them. It’s different in a group but solo.

And THEN, I get the itinerary of the programs. Now I understand why everyone’s been giving me the funny look.

Our performing slot has been scheduled to be during the prime time of the event after .........(breath in and out now) Bombay Jayshree. Yep THE musician.

I don’t know whether I should bang my head or jump of a cliff.

Performing for teachers itself is a scary thought, but performing right after a famed musician and having a few more other great artist watching you?


God bless me.

Kadavaleh ennai mathum kapathu. lol

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