Monday, March 28, 2005

Ice cream blurness

Humm shall I go in order of event or order of memory...... Memory orderleh pohvohm.....

What are the chances of an accident happening at a petrol station? Zilch right? No way someone could be that stupid right? Sorry to disappoint it wasn’t me.

Some stupid actually hit my car yesterday at a petrol station! Best part he just drove off unbothered, so I of course the person who never panics, horned the hell out of him and he blurly gets down eating an ice cream. Then I remember him, I saw him buying ice cream, which I was thinking of buying but decided me, ice cream and driving don’t gel.

So I immediately cornered him, barefoot and all.

Tak nampak ke!!? (You can’t see is it?/ Are you blind? (politically that wouldn’t be incorrect. The blind see better then us unblind)

Then he goes like sorry ye.

By then there’s a long queue watching us, so I the civic minded, said lets park at the side and settle this. So parked and got down to inspect the damage. One long scar, scrapping the paint of my side bumper, no dent luckily. Simultaneously call bro up to asses how much I should get from the guy. So bro tells me a number and I put the phone down to tell the guy.

Here’s the thing all the while, this was happening the guy’s still coolly eating his ice cream. He seemed unbothered, unfazed. So I tell him its gonna cost RM* 150, how and when he’s gonna settle it. Guy says I’ll pay now, and proceeds to fish out cash, then’s when I thought blady hell should have asked him for more, there’s one too many 100 ringgit* bills in there.

It’s just that he was so cool about losing that much dough, yeah too me its still a lot of money - spent unnecessarily - see this is the kanju’s* thinking.

Why the hell would someone carry so much money, without a reason? It isn’t even safe!!

Then his lack of reaction at losing the dough, it was as if he was handing out RM 1. Fella was either too rich or had too much money, hummmm should have asked more.

Anyway he proceeds to tell me sorry, I was eating ice cream didn’t see you, you also came so fast.

Hello you think my car’s an F1 racer, can hit 400km/h in a sec after start up?

End of the day

Ice cream : $

Accident : $$$

Blurness : Priceless

Ps : since this one post, is too big to be combined with the rest will continue later. Help I have too many words syndrome :p

Kanju’s* - stingy person

RM/ Ringgit* - Malaysian Currency sign


Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Shux, if only I was in Malaysia, I know whose car to pick on everyday ! :) Wud cover all my pocket expense ! :)

visithra said...

Gee, I was thinking the same thing.... Hehehehehe

Kay said...

if it had been in india 50% to u and 50% to policeman

if it had been in US, no individual settlements... ur insurance covers u and the guy who crashed you, but both end up payin more premium after that crash

y r u telling all these nu ketkureengala, when u write so much y cant i... :)

visithra said...

If it had been India - most of the time thithu apdhi poikithe iruhpangeh -

here even if small, we will stop and inspect the car.

We have the same insurance policy thing, but because premium will increase, small accidents we settle ourselves, otherwise have to go to the police station make a repost, wait for that fella to inspect the car take photo, rombeh vehlai no thanks :p

nah kekahveh illehpa hehhehe :p

Praveen said...

Do you speak as much as u write? :)

visithra said...

It really depends:))

New place new people, can't hear a sound from me. But once you know me, I'm a great source of entertainment vaiyadila what else - thats why friends enjoy kinduraning me - i wont get angry but will have something to say :)