Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I witnessed road rage


The heavy rain had reduced to a drizzle as I was driving back. Just a few kms from home, a guy holding a helmet suddenly ran past my car.

I hit the brakes and followed his path. I assumed he was running to help a guy in an accident as I saw a car parked on the other curb. As you know I don’t have a habit of stopping to look at accidents but the guy just ran in front of me, so I had no choice but to stop.

In a flash, I got a shock. The running guy swung the helmet at the guy on the other side. Then I witnessed 3 guys hitting each other, mostly 2 guys hitting one guy with 2 helmets.

I was shocked. What was going on? Cars stood on both sides stunned.

I quickly drove of shaken by the sight.We read in the papers of such incidents. But reading and watching beatings on a movie is different from watching it unfold in front of you. Sure I’ve seen fights at school but the 3 men had murder etched all over their faces. That was how much fury you could see in their eyes.

I don’t know what they were fighting for but it was brutal. What it with rage that turns motorist into potential murderers and brutal abusers?

And then I read this. A five year old!!!!!

It’s frightening how easy it is for people to get angry.

Are lives so worthless that people are willing to risk their own, their families, their victims and their families?

Is it really worth it?


Kay said...

i came across similar kinda thing once, i was walking across the parking lot and i could hear a gal crying for help. I was jus frightened to get in to it, it was actually a guy trying to rape her. i called 911 (emergency) but the next day i saw in one of the local newspapers that a gal was raped in a parking which i was talkin abt.

I am really sad that i was helpless.

visithra said...

People might say you could have done more - but i understand being a minority in another country - it sure does feel helpless not really being able to do anything - the thing is it isnt even safe to help anymore.

Don't worry you did all you could in your position.

Sam said...

Definitely it’s not worth it to get into a road rage.

I get pissed off with other driver, the max I have done is show my finger and move on (he showed his finger first). Unfortunately some people don’t seem to know how to control their anger, that’s when the problem starts.

visithra said...

Verbal abuse isn't a problem no one gets hurt, no one related to you gets hurt. Physical brutality causes grieve to both the victim and close ones. The thing is number of uncontrolable anger gets higher day by day. Quite sad and scary.

Gindy said...

How crowded are the roads over there?

visithra said...

Roads aren't crowded here. No human traffic but at peak hours you have automobile traffic. That day there was only one car waiting at the curb. The other guy ran from the other side.

Skywolf76 said...

Hello guys. Your post here caught my attention for the very fact that I myself nearly ended up in a road rage incident. This was about 1 pm ++ and driving towards Bandar Sri Damansara when this white proton with 2 occupants, were speeding and came very close to the back of my car. I wasn't driving any slower then the car in front and I don't see the reason why they were so agitated. After the toll, they came close to my car, and in fact followed and slowed down, honking for me to stop.

Is it really worth the trouble, physically and legally, to even entertain this jokers? I mean all of us lead a certain comfortable life, with families and friends whom we love. For me, it's just ain't worth the trouble to get my hands 'dirty' with these guys, so ignoring them, I just continued on my way.

My question is, how long can we just ignore these kind of people? We are human too, and I know taking the law into our own hands is totally asking for trouble. *Sigh* ... What to do huh?

You guys have a nice day though :-)