Friday, March 25, 2005

Humm too girlish

I was told, my previous post on the rose was too girlish well hummm I am a lady you know. Seri seri I'll give a boyish post.

When I was 8, me and bro decided we’d join Taekwando classes. Yep martial arts. Kung Fu and Karate weren’t as famous as Taekwando in Malaysia then. Here’s its history, which even I didn’t know.

Anyway we had this nice Chinese man as the sifu but no we didn’t call him that we called him master. The classes were fun since it was a mix of kids and teenagers. Yep I went for classes with the big boys. I was one of the few gals in the class and I progressed each time with the exams, rising in stages.

Now the first stage was your white belt, then the 2 sets of yellow, 2 sets of green, 2 sets of blue, 2 sets of brown then red black and the ultimate black belt.

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(pic : USTU)

Every few months we’d go for an exam against all the other schools which included performing the set of kicks and punches and then sparing with an opponent. Each stage you would be introduced to a new technique, and one of my favourites was the flying kick, actually any kick. I just loved kicking. And Taekwando had a nice kick, the leg is lifted to the chest level before it springs to action.

Go to this page for the techniques and watch the animation to get a feel of it.

Around the time that I first joined in the mid 80s, the number of gals were quite less, so whenever we went for the exams, my sparring opponents were normally boys. Hehehe so I got to kick a lot of boys around heheehehe.

Anyway, I went up right to sitting for my first blue belt in just 2 years, but that's when it stopped. My lovable master had to be replaced for a technical default. The federation decided he was teaching in the wrong district, and big boys shouldn’t be learning with small kids. Bleh. He was then replaced with this idiot, whose idea of martial arts was running for 3/4 of the class. I hate running.

Slowly me and bro and most of the class lost interest, and we dropped out. Also I had to make a crutial decision, dance or taekwando. See the way you flexed you foot differs in both styles. In dance you flex the foot outward in a pointed style while in Taekwando its flexed inwards so that when you hit you opponent they are hit by the force. Haiyahhhhhhh :)

So with that stopped my aspirations of getting a black belt. Anyway one of my most memorable moments were sparring with one of the big boys (16 year old). I was just a 1st yellow belt holder and 9 year old kid then and not to mention a girl. So when we were chosen to spare together, the big boys were like go slow on her, small gal. I of course innocently looked at him. And he tells me, don’t worry I’ll go slow.

So as soon as master gave the sign go, I went haiyah and launched a kick at him. Totally unprepared he was hit by the force and started yelping in pain. Ahem, no didn’t do any illegal stunts and kicked where I shouldn’t. :p

Kicked him in the abdomenla. :p

Master was grining from ear to ear and the big boys were cheering for me. Imagine going down against a small kid, gal somemore. Poor fella despite all his protest, I was not on my guardla this la thatla, he got nicely teased by his friends. Hehehehe since then I was given my well earned respect.

Dai aveh da, pothu thaliruhva.

Now all rusted. Ahem but still can give those power kicks as high as anyone's head. So far highest I’ve hit is 6 feet. :p

ps : Even then I was a rose lover. :ppppppp


Shobha said...

HAHAHAA! Wow, that sounds so much fun.....kicking people ;):P:P Am sure u must have had funnnnnnn! :P

visithra said...

How are you gal :)))

Hhehehe it was - miss those days but its only fun if the tutor is fun and not boring.

Harish said...

and I've hit 8 feet!

err.. I actually stomped on 4 pairs of legs at the cinema theatre during the intermission!

I wanna learn Taekwando too!! :(

Kay said...

Hey Visit,

Nee pesama Girlish'lave eluthuma enaku konjam bayama iruku...

"Kicked him in the abdomenla. :p"

This is not boyish, this is rowdish...(rowdy).....:P

visithra said...

Harish : heheheh 8 feet ah seri seri - un lollu yaaru than excede panna mudium :p

hehehe go join a class :pppp

Kay : hehehe athukuthan yosci yehluthanumnu sohlrathu, i got loads of contra stories :p

Ahem sports is not rowdish even if it scares :pppp

Murali said...

U learnt Taekwondo... when u were 8 and that was in the mid 80s.
hmmmmm.... Ive made my calculations :D

visithra said...

Actually I've always been open about my age. It's somewhere around my blog, even announced it on my birthday. Don't ask me where, wouldn't be fun if I gave all the info right? :p

So if you find it you'll know if your math teacher would be proud or embarrased of you hehehehehe :p

Sudhir Parasuram (Lakkaraju) said...

Now, you've got me totally scared ! Don't think I'd want to "mess" with you ;-)

And, it's too bad that I wear a brown belt, have to buy the black one today ! :)

visithra said...

Yes yes you better be scared .....very the scared :p

Lol all rusted nowla. Lol just going to but black belt? Go ahead and buy the pink one as well? Hhehehehe

Erik Mann said...

another great blog from you guys. i'd point you to mine but it isn't yet the way I'd like it. i do have a website that I think is cool, kind of almost about art hsing i martial