Sunday, March 20, 2005

Cat's and dogs

Weekends I'm normally missing from blogging but decided to come in for a bit to clear me email and was I surprised. To all the new visitors welcome in - which also means you're supposed to come back as well. :p

Well I didn't want to blog but just as I was planning to leave, it started raining cats and dogs outside. So what else shall start vohlarufiying. be warned I have no idea where I'm going with this post and where it will end so prepare yourself. God bless you for daring to continue hehhehe.

Well where was I, one minute someone played rock music, then usher and now some stupid kiddys tune. Where the hell am I. In a cyber cafe (cc). See despite having a pc and a connection line at home, I can't use them. No no, I'm not being punished for being naughty, adhu antha kalam. Now if I want to be punished, have to do it to myself.

You see my pc and I have this weird relationship. It lives in its own world and I am its subordinant slave. Athuku tohnichina vehla seiyuhm, illathi podinu sohli gammunu iruhkum. So instead of begging it I rather drive down to the cc, though it also means listening to 10 different music being blasted all at the same time. Makes me want to add a tamil song in, but then can't hear myself so rather not. Anyway the sound has died down not as bad as it was 10 mins back.

So why haven't I got a new pc. Well the pc with all its quirks, has sentimental value. Period, not explaining more than that. That's why haven't done anything and ok ok I need a new one. One of these daysla.

Have you ever been snubbed by a kid? Well occasionally my teachers daughter does it to me. it's not that she doesn't like me, its just the kids like my pc, vain n moody yet so cute.

Actually when she was a 1 year old, used to terrorise her into being good by just ahem starring at her. Yep just staring, and the bunch of kids will go hide behind their mommies and behave. Well that was in the past, now kiddo laughs at me when I do those scary eyes coz she's become to familiar with me and knows in actuall fact, all that staring was just an act. My cover blew and now they now I'm harmless.

So I suspect she actually occasionally snubs me in revenge. Though when she doesnt see me for a long time I get the big cute hugs. awwwwwwwwwwwww

Anyways poor thing had a fall and injured her eyebrow skin and you know what was her concern? Will it make her less cute? Was I tickled at her vainess.

Anyway while she was stuck in the car with me, I called her darling and she goes :

Kid : You can't call me darling.

Me : Y not?

Kid : Coz you're not my darling.

Me : (Quickly reverting into drama mode) How could you say you're not my darling, aren't I yours. Sob sob.

Kid : Well if you left me at my cousins place then you can call me darling. (little did the kid know I was going to do that)

Me : What?? I have to do things for you to call you darling??

Kid : And you must give me money, then only you can call me darling.

Me : Not enough I must leave you somewhere, I must give you money to call you darling? Where got fair?

My friend takes a 10 sen and gives the kid the money.

Kid : Ok now you can call me darling.

Me to Friend : hehehe not bad darlings come so cheap in kid's world.

Dang kids are so cute. :p


Praveen said...

I can't afford to miss one day without coming to ur blog...I end up in the archives :)

visithra said...

heheheh aiyo pavam

Harish said...

Hey, u can call me darling too.. but my fee - 10 $ :D

I'm broke! vera vazhi therila! :)

visithra said...

Harish : Lol by the way the kid gave me back the 10sen :p

ehhehee broke huh - allowanceah enna pahne - entha ponnuku selavu pahne? :p