Thursday, March 24, 2005


You guys must wondering why so quiet today. Donno just didn’t feel like posting but have been commenting. Yikes :p

Is this blogger’s quit week? A number of bloggers are bidding adieu or taking a break, is there something in the air?

Thanks Teakada and Hemanth for highlighting my previous post - and love the title Love Letter to Chennai :))

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(pic : Lyn Snow)

Sorry to everyone who felt sad from reading the previous post - didn’t mean to make you guys miss dear old Chennai.

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(pic :

For Malaysians read TVSmith’s take on the current stupido ad dispute. How stupid can people get?

But fear not friend and fellow countrymen (ithuthan sohlradhu overah sixer adikurathu), as I was looking for an image of my favourite flower, my mind sprang to action and you’re getting a longer post.

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(pic : FrankJansky)

Well from as long as I’ve known myself (humm that sounds weird), I’ve been crazy about roses.

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(pic : Meadows)

Doesn’t help when I’m a gal and a Hindu, you know how many flowers we get to see. Everytime I went to the temple and saw roses, I’d mentally pray/ cajole/ beg :

"Kadavaleh, please give me a rose, so pretty, just one, pretty please."
(yep this is what I pray for, hehehe talk about wasting god’s time)

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(pic : FrankJansky)

The priest in the temple I frequent, is well aware of my addiction, without asking I’d get my rose and for the next few hours I’ll be jumping around like a kid high on sugar. :p

I can’t even see roses anywhere, I’d have to stop and stare at their beauty, though I wouldn't necessarily buy it.

"Amam kaiyileh ayirathuethu bageh vechikithu ehpadi vanguradhu!"

I even have friends who are reminded of me when they see roses, I’m that crazy.

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(pic : FrankJansky)

Worse I’m so typical, my favourites are blood red roses, oh so pretty.

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(pic : Zworks)

Anyway after viewing this page and the number of roses images, you’ll get the idea. :p

Here’s a nice website with images of roses - Loboloco


Murali said...

hmmm!!! CRAZY of roses..
Rose is supposed to signify love...isnt it??? :)

visithrama thaan irukku :)

Kay said...

hey visit

"Thanks Teakada and Hemanth for highlighting my previous post - and love the title Love Letter to Chennai :))"

i cant see it there.... anyways kalakku.

Apram roses very girlish, no comments from me.

visithra said...

Optimist : Rombeh than peruhku etha maari optimistah bathil sohlra - appoh athu crazy of love ayiradhu? Nonsence :p

visithra visithrama illahmeh :p

Kay : check the blogtalk section on the sidebar its still there :))

Apram roses very girlish
-----hehhehe whei unnakeh nyahyama iruhka, girlisha illama nah boyishah iruhkanuma?