Thursday, March 31, 2005

You first heard it here!!!

Damn this is a good one. As soon as I heard it, I had to be the first to blog about it. You see I love figuring out things/ solving mysteries, I'm too curious for my own good :p And I have to be the first before everyone else. So here's the gist.

Today morning HITZ.Fm's Morning Crew came in late for their show, 1 hour to be precise. So the moment they came in, they announced the topic for the day or what was remaining of it was, - "When everything goes wrong".

They went on and on about it, what they were going to face. One of their messages was. Please talk to our management for us.

That was today morning.

On my way home, just before 6.00pm, the station read a statement and I immediately guessed it. Hehehhee I know their secret. :p yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Ok here's the statement.

HITZ.Fm apologises for today's incident. There will be a new Morning Crew tomorrow headed by Pedro and J Lo.

If you check their website there's this message.

Image hosted by

Now here's the fun part.

Whei you thought I was born was yesterday is it. :pppppp

Wow but must tell you guys its such a well executed one. What the hell I'm mumbling?

It's nothing but a well executed April Fool's Joke and I guessed it.

So yeah Happy April Fools Day HITZ.Fm. :pppppppppppppppp

How True

Found this forwarded to me and find it so true.

Love cannot be forced.

If a relationship is meant to be it would happen, but sometimes that love is nothing but a love between friends. Nothing more nothing less. Though its hard to except, it needs to be faced.

I love you, but I'm not in love with you.

I want your friendship minus your desire.

I would not lead you falsely or betray you.

I feel the tenderness, but not the fire.

I have no reason for my lack of yearning,

No explanation for what I don't feel,

No other love to whom I might be turning,

No anguish to suggest this isn't real.

Passion is a horse that knows no master,

And I cannot with fences make it stay.

It must run free towards daylight or disaster,

Awake to glory in no other way.

So I must say what you don't want to hear,

But it's a truth that both of us must bear.
- unknown -

I am so naughty :p

Well hehehe I can’t help but laugh at my own naughtiness. See what happened was, I as always was in my Arjunan mode of driving. What the hells that? Read this. ( As always it deviates to every other point before actually coming to point so enjoy :p)

Anyway there I was cruising the highway, and I need to take a left turn on a busy intersection when I see a bunch of police trucks. Not really bothered who they were, I put on my indicator’s and nudge in my car - typical car language give me space or I’ll take it myself.

So the truck actually gives me space and I happily move to my lane. That’s when I notice there’s a traffic cop stopping traffic to give way to the police trucks and I of course stopped them hehehe. Feel so guilty now, luckily it wasn’t any emergency.

That’s not all the other day, I was waiting at a traffic light in front of a police station. That’s when I decide to put on my seat belt. As I turned to the right I notice a cop staring at me, instead of panicking, I glared back at him and just continued putting the belt on.

Just to let you know, its an offense to not wear your seat belt while driving here. All breaking the rules if caught by respective law makers, while entitle you to a love letter from the Royal’s (our police department is named Royal Malaysia Police).

I guess he glared at me coz he knew I could have given any silly excuse like:

I took it of to pick up something from the other side/floor/back.

My glasses flung to the other side so had to find it, can’t drive without them.

For people who love to take a risk, they could try this :

Sob sob I was reaching for a tissue, my _______ (insert name/thing) died,

I’m so sad..... Whuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa whuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMy girlfriend/ boyfriend broke up with me.... Whuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

You know my doggy, my cutesy little puppy, oh that cutey ..... He dropped his chew bone, you wanna see???????

Take 2 cutesy dog
You know my doggy, my cutesy little puppy, oh that cutey .....he pooped and I was looking for it, you wanna see??????? his poos so its bitsy cute!!!!!

Take 3 cutesy dog
You know my doggy, my cutesy little puppy, oh that cutey .....whuaaaaa he died, whuaaaaaaaa how could he leave me, whuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa do u know whuaaaaaaaaaaaaa don’t goooooooooo please listen......................whuah oh boooooooo

hehehehehe :p

Ps : I could think of more but it would all go under the you’re asking for it category - hehehe too violent - anyone with sillier ones to go under category 2 or 1?

My Friends ok!!!

My Friends ok!!! My Friends ok!!!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy God Bless!!!!!!!

Now I’m no longer gloomy. It seems Bangkok was hardly affected or where ever he was.

I’m so glad they’re ok, now shall blog about something, later though I’m not sure what :p

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Uncertain of the unknown

Weird isn’t it how uncertain life is. The first time the Tsunami happened and as the gravity of the incident sunk into me, I sat late that night calling or smsing my friends.

When the quake happened last Monday, I didn’t contact anyone, coz somehow it didn’t sink it.

Last night was talking to my mom about my friend and then she asks me is he ok - since he’s gone to Bangkok.That’s when it hit me.

My friends in Bangkok, vacationing with his family and I don’t know if they’re ok. I smsed him but will he actually get it? Does Bangkok have a linked communication with Malaysian telcos?

Weirdly I emailed him just yesterday afternoon, the fact that he was in Bangkok during the quake never really sunk in till my mom reminded me.

Think about what families of volunteers still working at affected areas must be feeling?

Uncertain of the unknown?

God bless my friend and his family, and every other soul worrying about their loved ones.

Thank god IBH’s dad is ok.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Million, Friends, 8

Last Friday I had a day off from class, so I did what I needed to do, went shopping. When you’re preparing to travel, you need to get a lot of things done.

So there I was, found a nice parking slot at Midvalley and walked in to the 3rd floor where the GSC theater is and there it hit me.

I really missed watching a movie at the theater, didn’t help when the ticket counter kept calling my name and I involuntarily inched forward. It’s been so long since I saw a movie. I wanted to watch Sepet, but the timing was at some god forsaken time where I’d be working! Then scanned the list. I stood in line wondering what to watch, Lemony snicket? Hitch? Million? My mind went on and on.

Then I reached the counter and looked at the fella sitting on the other side, 2 sec decision decided Million Dollar Baby needs to be watched.

Oh and what a movie. Please go and watch it, if I start talking about it this will be a spoiler post, so shall shut up and tell you : PLEASE WATCH IT. :))

Now I know why they won the Oscar, Hillary Swanks acting worldclass. Do I even need to explain Clint and Freeman?

Image hosted by
"Yes Bos"

If you can’t stand blood, don’t watch, its slightly gory in the sense a nose and cheek gets broken every other shot.

Came out with tears in the eyes, overwhelmed with emotions, that’s how everyone in the theater felt. So rushed off to do some shopping, in the time left. And then I get an sms.

R u at home?

No? I’m out.

Come meet me, so long since I saw you.

Don’t get ideas, that was my net sis smsing me. Net sis? What’s that. The story goes back to my days of IRCing. Used to jointly own a hip and happening channel called Mindians. Cool name huh.

Well thats where I met my darling sisters, Aks, me and thangs. What foreign language is this? Cheh cheh this also must explain.

Aks = Akka/ Elder sis

Thangs = Tangachi/ Younger sis

Anyway that was some 8 years back, the channels no longer there, I grew bored of IRC some 4 years back, we’re great friends now, we’ve even met respective parents. I love this 2 sis of mine, such a nice bond. So this ones a real small kid whom we often pass of as a 10 year old hehehe. She can still qualify for underage movie tickets heheh though she’s old enough to party.

Promised I’d meet her after I finished. We met up and had ice cream and fries, Mcd’s style and chatted till the staff started giving us the evil eye -

"Whei get outla, we want to go home!"

Anyway the gist of the conversation was to have fun together one of these days. Amazingly, I have a week of from class as soon as I get back, (yippieeeeee!!!) So that was what the meet was about. Geting a date from me to watch Chandramuki.

So current plan, release date evening@ New Year, we shall go storm one of the cinemas. GSC of course is the first choice, though I’d like to watch at Collisuem. We have this thing, ritual if you must say, Rajini, Kamal movie must watch at the theater in the first 3 days.

Now Collisuem is one of the oldest theaters and quite a big one, nice big screen well maintained sound system, though can’t say the same about the seats. Old cinemala. But the experience? No need to explainla, just terrific especially if its a Rajini movie. As you know I love commenting and listening to comments so that's the place to be, I won’t risk running into temple priest like I would at GSC. I watched Padayapa there, one night late night which ended up with me being grounded. Storytelling another day :p

I actually wanted to catch it in India, but sadly don’t have enough leave to stay longer. :((

Well here’s as fun if not more :pppppp

So that’s one date, I’m also supposed to meet other friends, have a few nights out and ext ext. Yippieee going to have fun hhehehe sad sad current no life shall be brightened up :ppppp

Actually I’ve been blackmailed at knife point to meet them, ennadi you think you so great go missing so long? I either see you before you leave or after :p

In this past few months, have been called traitor, only mouth talking but no action, and worse stuff unmentionable in public coz I haven’t been free.

So people have resorted to calling and setting no blackmailing for appointments. Gee enna friends. :p

That’s not all my net friend of 8 years is finally dropping by the country for a visit come May, on his way to India and on the flight back. So on that day I’d have to do acrobatic stunts, pick him up, dump him somewhere, go to work for half a day, then spend some time and dump him again at the airport.

Disclaimer all this dump words were exactly used by him so I have no attachments to it or am I to be blamed hehehe.

I’m quite excited, that I’m finally meeting him, the last to meet from the whole batch. So lots of friends meeting in the next few months all starting with the India one of course.

Looking forward to all of it. :p

Take care

Last night as I was driving back, saw a petrol station crowded with people, of course it was an accident, and both sides had called their respective friends and family. Accidents are family events here.

Then noticed half the neighbourhood enveloped in darkness, blady hell there’s a blackout. I was hoping it didn’t extend to my area, or I’d be having a restless sleep.

Thank fully no such thing. Got in switched on the telly, to watch Grounded for Life. Hilarious at 12.45am.

Then my house phone rings, I normally wouldn’t pick up since it would be for mom, but this was so late, must be something important or another death news. Calls early in the morning or late at night normally me someone's critical or dead. Fact of life.

"Anyway a voice goes did you feel the tremors????"

I was like "huh??"

"No our flat shook and every where else also, there’s been another earthquake."

So quickly changed to CNN, no news but as you all know by now, most of Asia felt tremors. High rise buildings here were shaken, and people ran down with bags ready to drive off. What the hell, so much time to pack a bag?

The tremors were big enough to kill 2000 in Sumatra. Coastal areas around the nation were evacuated while the beaches were barred from access.

Did you guys feel it in Chennai?

Take care everybody.

News here, here and here.

Happy Belated Birthday Kuan Yin

Well I started writing this yesterday but didn’t finish nor did I have the time to post it. So here it is now a belated post :p

Nope not my friend though she’d be one cool person to have as a friend. Actually yesterday was Goddess Kuan Yin’s birthday. She's the Chinese goddess of compassion, bestows prayers and fertility. In ancient times Kuan Yin was supposed to be a male, so don’t be surprised if you come upon a masculine Kuan Yin.

Image hosted by

In Sanskrit she's known as Padma pani - "Born of the Lotus." She is revered by both the Taoist and Buddhist. Kuan Yin is a shortened form of a name that means One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human World. Her Chinese title signifies, "She who always observes or pays attention to sounds," i.e., she who hears prayers. Sometimes possessing eleven heads, she is surnamed Sung-Tzu-Niang-Niang, "lady who brings children." She is goddess of fecundity as well as of mercy.

Image hosted by

Okay besides giving vague descriptions on their religions, can’t tell you much since most of my Chinese friends can’t tell me the difference. I’ve always wondered on the Chinese part, since I know enough of the Buddhist teachings (enough general knowledge). Anyone care to explain, been asking this question for ages.

Actually a lot of Chinese beliefs, goddess and festivals are similar to the Hindus. For example we have Navarathri and at the same time they have the 10 emperor or goddess festival. They also abstain from meat during holy days and according to custom, on the first day of Chinese New Year they should also abstain from meat, but like how Deepavali has evolved in Malaysia, most generations don’t follow it.

Anyway yesterday I went along with my colleagues, to pray at a Kuan Yin temple and have a Sek Chai* (vegetarian) lunch.

This is the second time I’m going to that particular temple on Goddess Kuan Yin’s birthday. Well I’ve been to Chinese and Buddhist temples before but not really for prayers, though when I was a kid we used to go every year during Wesak Day.

Its quite peaceful, like Hindu temples in Malaysia, during festivals we get free lunch. Not the one dish one rice thing, but a few dishes, curry and the whole works. The only difference is in a Hindu temple, they stuff you with food, at the Chinese temple you’re served with limit so as not to be greedy (I think).

The custom to observe at a Chinese temple is, less noise, buy some joss sticks, pray and place it in their respective places. Monks only chant prayers at the beginning of the prayer and not in between though if you go to a Buddhist temple you might get blessed.

There’s also a few rules to absorb while eating at a Chinese table.

No sticking your chopsticks into your rice bowl - bad omen for the host.

No putting back food into the main dish

No licking utensils since everyone picks food from the same plate.

Wait till the eldest person on the table eats first, discard rule if with friends.

If you don’t know how to use a chopstick, for gods sake ask for a fork and spoon :p

Eat fast, food vanishes into thin air :p

Of course I was the only Indian there. I don’t mind going for any function regardless of the religion, as long as I’m invited, I’d go. To me god is the same just a different name.

Nice lunch, also had ice cream well not on Kuan Yin but it was a hot day :p

Some links on Goddess Kuan Yin

Legend of Kuan Yin

Wikipedia explains

Info on Kuan Yin and here

The Japanese link (quiet interesting)

Kuan Yin prayer

Kuan Yin photos

Monday, March 28, 2005

The world today

Hehehehe I can’t help it - I’ve got one 2 many things to post as Prav say’s, my minds taken a rollercoaster ride today :p

A forward that had me rolling on the floor laughing :p


Let's see if I understand how the world works lately...

If a man cuts his finger off while slicing salami at work he blames the restaurant.

If you smoke three packs a day for 40 years and die of lung cancer, your family blames the tobacco company.

If your neighbor crashes into a tree while driving home drunk, he blames the bartender.

If your grandchildren are brats without manners, you blame television.

If your friend is shot by a deranged madman, you blame the gun manufacturer.

And if a crazed person breaks into the cockpit and tries to kill the pilot at 35,000 feet, and the passengers kill him instead, the mother of the deceased blames the airline.

I must have lived too long to understand the world as it is anymore.

So, if I die while my old, wrinkled butt is parked in front of this computer, I want you to blame Bill Gates ... okay?

Ice cream blurness

Humm shall I go in order of event or order of memory...... Memory orderleh pohvohm.....

What are the chances of an accident happening at a petrol station? Zilch right? No way someone could be that stupid right? Sorry to disappoint it wasn’t me.

Some stupid actually hit my car yesterday at a petrol station! Best part he just drove off unbothered, so I of course the person who never panics, horned the hell out of him and he blurly gets down eating an ice cream. Then I remember him, I saw him buying ice cream, which I was thinking of buying but decided me, ice cream and driving don’t gel.

So I immediately cornered him, barefoot and all.

Tak nampak ke!!? (You can’t see is it?/ Are you blind? (politically that wouldn’t be incorrect. The blind see better then us unblind)

Then he goes like sorry ye.

By then there’s a long queue watching us, so I the civic minded, said lets park at the side and settle this. So parked and got down to inspect the damage. One long scar, scrapping the paint of my side bumper, no dent luckily. Simultaneously call bro up to asses how much I should get from the guy. So bro tells me a number and I put the phone down to tell the guy.

Here’s the thing all the while, this was happening the guy’s still coolly eating his ice cream. He seemed unbothered, unfazed. So I tell him its gonna cost RM* 150, how and when he’s gonna settle it. Guy says I’ll pay now, and proceeds to fish out cash, then’s when I thought blady hell should have asked him for more, there’s one too many 100 ringgit* bills in there.

It’s just that he was so cool about losing that much dough, yeah too me its still a lot of money - spent unnecessarily - see this is the kanju’s* thinking.

Why the hell would someone carry so much money, without a reason? It isn’t even safe!!

Then his lack of reaction at losing the dough, it was as if he was handing out RM 1. Fella was either too rich or had too much money, hummmm should have asked more.

Anyway he proceeds to tell me sorry, I was eating ice cream didn’t see you, you also came so fast.

Hello you think my car’s an F1 racer, can hit 400km/h in a sec after start up?

End of the day

Ice cream : $

Accident : $$$

Blurness : Priceless

Ps : since this one post, is too big to be combined with the rest will continue later. Help I have too many words syndrome :p

Kanju’s* - stingy person

RM/ Ringgit* - Malaysian Currency sign

Physic Mysic missie

After reading Freeyayedu’s Kaadhil Kethavai, I was reminded of my scholl Physic teacher. Not for her England*, but for her antics.

See this teacher was the ultimate in geeks and weirdos. She had her own style that I hope and pray no one emulates. First let me give a short intro on my class.

There were 28 of us, 14 boys, 14 gals, yep I was from a co-ed, Lolluku kekahva vehnum? You see despite us being the best science class we were also the rowdiest, naughtiest, sarcastic big mouth bunch. Best part none of the 28 had love affairs with each other, one whole class was one big loud voice. We were the hottest topic in the teachers room, everytime we passed their room, we’d hear that 4 Sc1 (and later 5 Sc1) cannot take themla and so on. You get what I mean. Do you know how many principals black book we’ve been on? Every single principal hated us, got loads of story there, but we’ll leave that for another day. A lot of the teacher’s hated us and they’d refuse to teach us but not before giving us a 2 hour sermon (vidhi vidhi inthegu grandfather story ehlam kekahnum). Despite all that we had teachers who loved us. So physic was actually one of them.

But Physic like all science geeks, lived in her own world. Let me explain. See it was never her England* that got us in fits of laughter since this lady had just spent some 10 years in the UK. Rather it was her mannerism that tickled us wait tickled is not the word got us rolling on the floor in laughter is more apt.

Madam was a stick thin women who was always in an over flowing scarf that looked heavier than her. The way she walked was enough to make you laugh, and then there was her bag. She carried in such a funny way, and used to walk and say.....

Hello classsssss................... and give a stance.

We will be struggling to stop from laughing, while trying to say

Gooodddddddddd Morning Physiccccccccc Teacherrrrrrrrrrrr.

Yeah crap we had to say that for everyone teacher that came in the Malay version was :

Bangunnnnnn Semuaaaaaaaaaa

Selamattttttttttttttt Pagiiiiiiiiiii Cikguuuuuuuuu Pysiccccccccccccc

Just imagine singing it ok. And whenever the monitor wasn’t in class, I would do the honours, more like to elicit a few laughs la.

Physic actually liked us, despite our bad name in the teachers room, till today me and my friends don’t know why.

What we couldn’t stand was how she talked to us - she was really sweet but talked like she was addressing 3 year olds, slow and patient more like boring. Her class bore the hell out of us. So most of the time when she came in for the theory section, me and friends will give some excuse and before you know it we’d be out roaming the school with permission hehehe. So one of our favourite spots was the junior class, since those people idolised us. Yep students idolised us coz we were the epitome of fun at school.

Some of our ridiculous excuse used to be :

"Need to go to the bathroom....and I need to follow her/him"

"We got some extra lab work, can we go? (insert pleading pathetic face for effect)"

"Teacher asked us to do something, and she asked 5 of us to do it, bye teacher gonna miss you"

So some stupid excuse would be used, and best part she’d fall for it everytime, she was that gullible yet nice. So we never actually made fun of her in front of her, but more of in our circle of friends.

And then she’d tell jokes. Well her version of jokes we she assumed were funny. And then after telling those so called jokes, she’d give this hysterical laughter like a witch high on sugar. It was scarily funny. After the first initial shock, it became funny.

So everytime she told a joke (which was often) she’d laugh and we’d laugh with her.

Unknown to her we were laughing at her and not with her.

And everytime she had extra class, I normally wouldn’t attend and she’d ask :

"Where’s Visithra? Not feeling well oh ok."

But really I couldn’t take her, enough I have to see her at school, do I need to go though it after school also?

The thing is her teaching wasn’t the best either, it wasn't exciting, and I don’t like to learn under boring people. Yeah I’m picky and also had a very interesting Physic tutor, geekish but interesting. Worse of all she liked me a lot, I still can’t fathom why but maybe I’m just so likable :p

Now I kinda miss her antics, well miss those school days too.

England* A nick for English (it’s a joke don’t ask me to explain, joke’s aren’t meant to be explained) - in India it’s like the peter adikura tease - if you’re a Malaysian and you don’t know- shame on you. If you’re in between god bless you, I’m not explaining :p

God’s therapy

I was sitting in class practicing when my teachers 5 year old came down after a shower looking all fresh and pretty in her jammies.

So called her near and put her in my lap and that's when I was hit by the sweet baby smell.

Oh my god she smelled so good. She was all comfy in my arms, and gleaming when I told her she smelled so good.

So sat there hugging the little thing and sniffing her out. Which she was enjoying it I might add.

I wonder why people need therapy when the best therapy can only be a child's hug.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Today in brief

Thing’s I’ve been reading in my favourite daily The Star today. So many news can’t help but blog about it :p So I’m keeping to the weeks trend, million one news in one post. :p

Here’s an article about matchmaking Indian women in Malaysia - should give a different notion to Malaysian Indians.


Hear Ye Hear Ye
FAMED Carnatic vocalist K.J. Yesudass will be performing at Dewan Merdeka, Putra World Trade Centre, on June 4 2005 in aid of the Sri Shenbagavalli Ashram, an orphanage in Sungai Besi.

Accompanying him would be S.R. Mahadeva Sharma on the violin and Sri Tiruvarur Bakthavatsalam on the mridangam.

I wanna go I wanna go....shall devise some plan to get permission from teacher, at least I’d go for the percussion oh goody. :p


The global Indian sphere will be converging at Kuala Lumpur in June, for the Symposium on Holy Tamil Script Tirukkural from June 17 to 19 2005. More than 500 delegates from 30 countries are expected to attend.

An exhibition tracking the history and heritage of Indians in Malaysia would be unveiled at 5pm on June 17 at the National Museum. The free exhibition will run for two weeks. Followed by a cultural show that will be staged at the PJ Civic Centre on June 17 and the grand opening event at the Putra Indoor Stadium on June 18.

For more information, contact 013-330 2643 (Panjamoorthy), 016-319 2000 (Kanthan) and 012-335 1796 (Nalendran).


Hehehhe a hilarious article on naming a child and why parents can be so dumb at that very moment they’re supposed to register the name. Think Mallu kids would have loved to have lived in Spain, apparently they prohibit names which confuse gender.

Will speak on my name, and the million blunders people do on it, one of these days.


Malaysia has its own dog breed? Humm didn’t know. Read it here and the dogs so cute.

Image hosted by

Ahem I’m a dog person and you are?


Kuala Lumpur International Airport came in fourth. Yippie. *confetti* Have no idea what I’m talking about? Read this.

If you didn’t know today’s 3 months after the Tsunami. God bless their souls.

This guy is so creative

Banksy as he is infamously known in the UK, has a habit of sneaking in his own art work into unsuspecting leading Musuems. See the images here.

Image hosted by

That’s not all he does, have a peek at how views lady justice.

Sure graffiti is damaging, not to mention expensive to clean up but isn’t it creative.

Banksy, from Bristol, aka Robin Banks, has been hailed as "Britain's most celebrated graffiti artist".

Image hosted by

Find some of his work here and here a fan gives you a look at all his stuff right down to the grafiti. More images here.

Read an interview of him here and another article with info on his escapades.


He talks about his stencils of Jewish women at Belsen, daubed in fluorescent lipstick - an image as poignant as it is grotesque. "Now I could never do that on the street because it's just blatantly offensive." But in a gallery he can show it in context. "It's actually based on a diary entry from a colonel who liberated Bergen-Belsen. He described how they liberated this women-only camp, and a box of supplies turned up containing 400 sticks of lipstick, and he went nuts - 'Why are you sending me lipstick?' But he sent it out to the women, and they put it on each other, they did their hair; and because it gave them the will to live it was probably the best thing the soldiers did when they liberated that camp." He tells the story beautifully. "See, that's talking about how the application of paint can make a difference."

You can read and find links at as well though, that wasn’t where I read it.

His website is here.

Image hosted by

Like his slogan

Just because we don’t care, doesn’t mean we don’t understand.

What a rebel!

Friday, March 25, 2005

Humm too girlish

I was told, my previous post on the rose was too girlish well hummm I am a lady you know. Seri seri I'll give a boyish post.

When I was 8, me and bro decided we’d join Taekwando classes. Yep martial arts. Kung Fu and Karate weren’t as famous as Taekwando in Malaysia then. Here’s its history, which even I didn’t know.

Anyway we had this nice Chinese man as the sifu but no we didn’t call him that we called him master. The classes were fun since it was a mix of kids and teenagers. Yep I went for classes with the big boys. I was one of the few gals in the class and I progressed each time with the exams, rising in stages.

Now the first stage was your white belt, then the 2 sets of yellow, 2 sets of green, 2 sets of blue, 2 sets of brown then red black and the ultimate black belt.

Image hosted by
(pic : USTU)

Every few months we’d go for an exam against all the other schools which included performing the set of kicks and punches and then sparing with an opponent. Each stage you would be introduced to a new technique, and one of my favourites was the flying kick, actually any kick. I just loved kicking. And Taekwando had a nice kick, the leg is lifted to the chest level before it springs to action.

Go to this page for the techniques and watch the animation to get a feel of it.

Around the time that I first joined in the mid 80s, the number of gals were quite less, so whenever we went for the exams, my sparring opponents were normally boys. Hehehe so I got to kick a lot of boys around heheehehe.

Anyway, I went up right to sitting for my first blue belt in just 2 years, but that's when it stopped. My lovable master had to be replaced for a technical default. The federation decided he was teaching in the wrong district, and big boys shouldn’t be learning with small kids. Bleh. He was then replaced with this idiot, whose idea of martial arts was running for 3/4 of the class. I hate running.

Slowly me and bro and most of the class lost interest, and we dropped out. Also I had to make a crutial decision, dance or taekwando. See the way you flexed you foot differs in both styles. In dance you flex the foot outward in a pointed style while in Taekwando its flexed inwards so that when you hit you opponent they are hit by the force. Haiyahhhhhhh :)

So with that stopped my aspirations of getting a black belt. Anyway one of my most memorable moments were sparring with one of the big boys (16 year old). I was just a 1st yellow belt holder and 9 year old kid then and not to mention a girl. So when we were chosen to spare together, the big boys were like go slow on her, small gal. I of course innocently looked at him. And he tells me, don’t worry I’ll go slow.

So as soon as master gave the sign go, I went haiyah and launched a kick at him. Totally unprepared he was hit by the force and started yelping in pain. Ahem, no didn’t do any illegal stunts and kicked where I shouldn’t. :p

Kicked him in the abdomenla. :p

Master was grining from ear to ear and the big boys were cheering for me. Imagine going down against a small kid, gal somemore. Poor fella despite all his protest, I was not on my guardla this la thatla, he got nicely teased by his friends. Hehehehe since then I was given my well earned respect.

Dai aveh da, pothu thaliruhva.

Now all rusted. Ahem but still can give those power kicks as high as anyone's head. So far highest I’ve hit is 6 feet. :p

ps : Even then I was a rose lover. :ppppppp

The day will thrive

My friend was having a bad day, so composed a short sms to cheer him up but looks like a few of my other friends, are in the same boat. So Kay this is also for you. Cheer up!

Angel of mine,

Though gloomy as it seems,

Rays will shine,

Set aside that frown,

Replace with a twinkle,

The day will thrive


Aaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kaliayirundhi oruthi ehnna uyirah vangikithu iruhka. Stupid common sense kudda terileh, ehlameh expolain pahnanum, website address kudah explain pahnanum.

Aiyo aiyo ehn intha maari oru blur case ehn pahkathuleh ukandhiruhka.

Mandaiku mani adikura. aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, March 24, 2005


You guys must wondering why so quiet today. Donno just didn’t feel like posting but have been commenting. Yikes :p

Is this blogger’s quit week? A number of bloggers are bidding adieu or taking a break, is there something in the air?

Thanks Teakada and Hemanth for highlighting my previous post - and love the title Love Letter to Chennai :))

Image hosted by
(pic : Lyn Snow)

Sorry to everyone who felt sad from reading the previous post - didn’t mean to make you guys miss dear old Chennai.

Image hosted by
(pic :

For Malaysians read TVSmith’s take on the current stupido ad dispute. How stupid can people get?

But fear not friend and fellow countrymen (ithuthan sohlradhu overah sixer adikurathu), as I was looking for an image of my favourite flower, my mind sprang to action and you’re getting a longer post.

Image hosted by
(pic : FrankJansky)

Well from as long as I’ve known myself (humm that sounds weird), I’ve been crazy about roses.

Image hosted by
(pic : Meadows)

Doesn’t help when I’m a gal and a Hindu, you know how many flowers we get to see. Everytime I went to the temple and saw roses, I’d mentally pray/ cajole/ beg :

"Kadavaleh, please give me a rose, so pretty, just one, pretty please."
(yep this is what I pray for, hehehe talk about wasting god’s time)

Image hosted by
(pic : FrankJansky)

The priest in the temple I frequent, is well aware of my addiction, without asking I’d get my rose and for the next few hours I’ll be jumping around like a kid high on sugar. :p

I can’t even see roses anywhere, I’d have to stop and stare at their beauty, though I wouldn't necessarily buy it.

"Amam kaiyileh ayirathuethu bageh vechikithu ehpadi vanguradhu!"

I even have friends who are reminded of me when they see roses, I’m that crazy.

Image hosted by
(pic : FrankJansky)

Worse I’m so typical, my favourites are blood red roses, oh so pretty.

Image hosted by
(pic : Zworks)

Anyway after viewing this page and the number of roses images, you’ll get the idea. :p

Here’s a nice website with images of roses - Loboloco

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

India as I see it

I’ve a fascination with India. I totally love living in Chennai, yep Chennai is my ultimate place in India. So far have been to most of the South. Nearly every single nook and corner in Tamil Nadu (thanks to my moms constant we must go to Chitambaram each time and my fascination on the temple architecture), some of Andra right up to Vijayawada and then a few places in Kerala. Even had the typical Kerala living, stayed at a rubber estate in Muttara near Thiruvandrum.

But there’s something with Chennai that I love.

Adyar being my ultimate favourite, then Besant nagar beach, Mylapore, Radha Salai and its trees, Marina Beach and its lipsmacking bajjis, hot and treeless Annasalai with its hidden treasures, Thiruvanmuyir for it’s peaceful Maruthieswarar temple and my first earful of cheri baashai, T Nagar for the shopping crowds and ever festive busyness, the roundabout with the vehlakaran on the horse. Beach road buildings with Moorish designs that remind me of home.

Stopping the auto guy and haggling with him till he says.

"Enna ma ni petrol vehlai yehri iruhku teriuma"

And then engaging him conversation, rajini, kamal, politics, cutouts, vehlavasi, traffic and at all time’s making sure I never looked in front for fear of having a heart attack from their whizzes and near misses.

And everytime they braked coz of some pedestrian crossing, you’d hear them auto drivers saying :

"Dai savehkraki, vithleh sohlithu vanduthiyah?"

And every single time me and bro would break out into fits of laughter. We once actually had one guy who didn’t curse, we were so surprised we asked him. He said :

"Paravaleh pohlichithu pogathum, avan kashtam ennavo?"

Pondy Bazaar stall where I was dumbstruck when the guy spoke back to me in Malay. There went my haggling tactics no 1, in India - Speak in a foreign language.

A lot of people who come back, normally complain its dusty, so hot, the traffic is chaotic but then at the rate the haze is in KL, can we really complain? The thing is I never found it as dusty as some people put it.

Before I first touched Indian soil, people told me scary stories, food is not clean, you can get sick, people this people that. They must have been mad, food is great in India, even at the road stalls especially my favourite bajjis at Marina with that tasty chutney.

Or the first time I had a taste of those miniature idlys at Saravanabhavans or its Panneer Briyani. Breakfast at Sangeetha’s in Mylapore. The first time I ordered Chinese noodles in India, and this plate of red noodles was placed in front of me. My family and I had a good laugh, though noddle or redish, it tasted good.

Or the number of times we as a family got laughed at by the servers when we said pohtum too much rice. Yep 1 thali meal could feed the whole family - all 4 of us but of course we had no choice but to buy 4. It was fascinating to eat lunch at the restaurants. I could see the mountains of rice, and how each person will relish, eating first with sambar, then with kulambu, then with rasam and of course not forgetting curd at the end. It was scary to look at but very interesting, especially when scrawny guys were doing it - where was it all going!

We’ve really seen India change from the first time we were there, most of the time the change has been tremendous. The first time where we spent 3 months there, we got a shock when at 8 pm everyone were beginning to shut their lights to sleep, and we hadn’t even had dinner yet. Thankfully it isn’t like that now, we Malaysians cannot sleep early, even my mom is awake at 11 pm. Or the boom of handphones into the market, first time we were there no such thing, just 8 months later boom it was everywhere, now everyone has one.

Here’s a scene - Man in lungi, takes out phone from drawers :

"Enna meh? Na savari pannikithu iruhkuren. Enna? Varuhmbothu vithandukithe parupu vangithu varuhnum? Aaaa aaaa veiyimeh!"

He mumbles to himself. "Avaleh oru parupu, parupuku parupu vehnumma."

Loved going to the markets, the chili variant in Chennai tastes different from the ones we get here, tad sweet - humm that must be the secret to the bajjis.

The buses that tilt and tilt to one side (see I’m tilting my head towards one direction thinking of it :p) yet still drive on full speed with people hanging out of it. Literally giving meaning to - I’m just hanging.

First time I saw it I went :

Amma lookkkkkkkk bussssssss........ People......... How.........????

Then I saw an even greater amazement, everytime the bus stopped the hanging people would get down and continue their great conversation on the road. Then the light turned green and the bus started moving, but the guys were still talking, and then they did an about turn and jumped on to the bus. Everyday stuntmen of Chennai, no wonder the film stuntmen's complain they do not get enough exposure. Where to get exposure, when every citizen does its own stunt? Typical conversation :

"Jumping from bus? Cheh athelam nammuku jujubi!!"

"Nikkira busleh eruhna mouse illehda machan, odhuna basleh eruhna than ponnuga gavanipange"

yes, yes gavanipohm - "dai avan ulundhana illehyah? Illehyah? Sutha time waste!"

Then cinema watching. What an adventure, mostly to see what the fans do. Though warning if you see a guy sitting alone and already there before you went in - run for your life. That fella will tell everyone in 1 m radius, who don’t want to hear the whole story, bit by bit, scene by scene and some fella’s might even adichify your shoulder and say :

"Nan than sholrenleh ketha ennavam????"

"Dai angehpohgadeh, villain angeh nikkuran!!"

Pavam, poor bro of mine had a taste of all-memorised-know-better-then-even-the-director movie watcher, the first time we went. The fans are great, the moment their hero comes on screen. You hear :

"Thalaiva, vandhuthiya!!" And from the back one fella will comment

"Amam, ivanuku mathum thalaivan, dai gammunu ukaru"

Yep I’m a certified, audience comments hearing movie watcher.

Ah what fun, Chennai is. Memories come gushing in.

See now you understand why I’m so excited about coming to India. If not for the shopping and bajjis at least for the auto drivers "savuhkraki".

11 days more :pppppppppp

Of weird looks, weirder impressions

My friend was telling me how when he visited a classmate’s house, the father gave him weird looks. Not it wasn’t a - eh is my son gay look - it was - what the hell you doing seeing my daughter look.

That reminded me of a story (at the end of it you’ll be wondering how the story and this connects but then I’ve told you my minds a wonder :p)

The last grand Deepavali we celebrated was in 2002, the last for a long time I think. So now we decided to invite our friends at the music school including the teachers and some of our own close friends. Though we invited the same number of gals and guys, the ones who turned up were mostly guys.

So then this neighbour kid, a few years younger than my bro walked in and looked around. He was quite confused at the crowd, then he smiles after looking at the 2 teachers from India sitting there - all well dressed in traditional Indian clothing.

He comes to my mom and me and asks :

Neighbour kid : Akka* ennaka nadakuthu engeh? (sis* what’s going on here)

Me and mom : Ennda? (Why da?)

Neighbour kid : Ungaleh ponnu pakka vandurukangehla?

(Have they come to propose marriage - eh this the nearest explanation I could figure out in English)

Me and mom : *rofl* (both of us burst out laughing)

Me : Dai ponnu pakka vandha oru sathu mathikithu varuhvan, ithu enna suyahvaramma - ithani per vandurukange - nah enna choosing game vilaiyadha pohrenna?

(Oi if it was a proposal, only one fella would come, you think this is pick and choose game, this many fellas are here - you want me to play choosing game is it?)

Neighbour kid : hehehehe akka hehehehehhee

Me : Ammam, ithuleh ethu mappilai nenekireh?

(So which one do you think is the groom)

Neighbour kid : heheheehehehe akka hehehehehhee (he just sheepishly walked off)

Pavam our appavi guy friends - they didn’t know what was going on. When they saw us laughing, we just said nothing.

The guys didn’t know about the remark, if they did sure all would have turned tomato red and asked :

"uh where’s the exit?" hehehehehe

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I witnessed road rage


The heavy rain had reduced to a drizzle as I was driving back. Just a few kms from home, a guy holding a helmet suddenly ran past my car.

I hit the brakes and followed his path. I assumed he was running to help a guy in an accident as I saw a car parked on the other curb. As you know I don’t have a habit of stopping to look at accidents but the guy just ran in front of me, so I had no choice but to stop.

In a flash, I got a shock. The running guy swung the helmet at the guy on the other side. Then I witnessed 3 guys hitting each other, mostly 2 guys hitting one guy with 2 helmets.

I was shocked. What was going on? Cars stood on both sides stunned.

I quickly drove of shaken by the sight.We read in the papers of such incidents. But reading and watching beatings on a movie is different from watching it unfold in front of you. Sure I’ve seen fights at school but the 3 men had murder etched all over their faces. That was how much fury you could see in their eyes.

I don’t know what they were fighting for but it was brutal. What it with rage that turns motorist into potential murderers and brutal abusers?

And then I read this. A five year old!!!!!

It’s frightening how easy it is for people to get angry.

Are lives so worthless that people are willing to risk their own, their families, their victims and their families?

Is it really worth it?

No more Buaya blogs

Yesterday evening I was moody, tell you why later, today I’ve been given another reason to be moody.

My dear old Buaya has decided to quit blogging.

This morning as always I clicked into his blog to receive the message this blogger does not exist. I thought it was my server acting up so tried again. Then went to Papi’s blog tried from there, I got worried.

Left a distress signal there and then I find out Buaya stopped blogging.

So Buaya69 will no longer provide buayish posts, no longer will we know which ah moi he saw, or what Suzzanne darling got, or what Mrs B did to him after his ops posts. I’m quite sad Actually I’m hoping its another early April fools joke. I wouldn’t mind. Really!!!

Sigh gonna miss you, but since your tail’s still wagging along lurking through other blogs, at least we’ll know you’re still around. So don’t be a stranger.

Good luck and for whatever reason you decided to not blog - though I hate to say this - we understand its your choice.

Its not been even a day and I already miss him. Hummmmmm

Passing of the Kadhal Mannan

Image hosted by

I was browsing through my yahoogroups when I found this news. I decided to check Sify first and it was confirmed, the last of the 3 stars of the Sivaji, MGR, Gemini era was gone.

I’m one of those people who loved black and white movies. But as I read the news, memory fails me. Most of the movies I remember him in are him as a supporting role. Also I loved the dramatic, historical black and white movies and not the love roles.

It is in Veerapandiya Kattabomman that I remember him. The scene that strikes is, that valour as he sets out for war, despite his wives protest. That dialogue never fails to impress. I’m sure there are more films to remember him of but to me this is the one that I remember when his name turns up.

Here’s a nice article on him in the Hindu.

Though he was the kadhal mannan I never fancied him, though my mom did - I was more of a Sivaji fan (who isn’t). It’s still sad to hear of his demise. More than his films sadly I think I remember him most for his countless marriages, each time the gal kept getting younger. Sure lived up to his name.

I’m not sure what else to say. God bless his soul.

Goodbye to the last of the legends.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Part 2 : Men and women

So the first post has sparked various interest and an urge to blog about it. Check out what a week old blogger Optimist at Mortalvision has to say here. I’m quite envious - only a week and he has had so many comments. Ok ok enough of that back to what I wanted to say.

The thing is he asked a few questions, which I felt were more society centered then of a friends interest.

My question is, which is more important to you, what your friend thinks - or what society thinks?

My post was only centered on my friends interest. How will my actions translate to them. Their feelings were my only concern.

But what about society what will people think?

To hell with them.

I’ve come to a point - well came a long time back - where I stopped giving a damn what society thought. We Indians in Malaysia aren’t so different then in India. It didn’t help when mom didn’t approve as well and I couldn’t travel anywhere in KL without being recognised by someone who knew me. So sneaking around wasn’t an option, news travelled faster then lightning.

Mom was always drilling into me - gals like this - gals like that - gals boys like that this and that. If you did this people will say that. If you did that people will say this. Yes, drove me nuts all those this and thats. Sure she had a point in certain things but most of it was outdated and prejudiced if you asked me.

I have loads of guy friends and quite a number are friends met on the net. I admit some of my closests friends are those I met on the net.

I remember the first time I decided to meet a net friend. Both of us had everything planned out and that was in the days of my biking and since I wasn’t allowed to drive up to KL on a bike, I was to take the bus. We were just going to have a simple cup of coffee uh make that a coke.

Here’s how I got into trouble, mom and me were having one of those good days, good conversation and all, and me the stupidly honest me, tells her ah oh I’m going to meet my net friend. That was it. Mom blew a fuse and went on and on and on. What would people say was the no 1 issue that dominated the whole fuse blowing. Everything imaginable, an unimaginable came out and I was getting ready for the earth to swallow me in.

Then she tells me go but come back fast. So I did go on a long bus journey that was made longer by the guilt. By the time I arrived at the destination I was all prepared to ride the bus back. However managed to meet my friend though throughout the whole meet all I was thinking was, I wanna go home.

I was still in my late teens then. I didn’t really understand what I had done wrong, but all I knew was, I felt miserably guilty.

But did that stop me from meeting my guy friends? Nope, it just made me wise, tell mom you’re out shopping or meeting a gal but tell a friend where I was going and with whom. Didn’t help when dad was even more conservative.

As I grew up, I realised I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was out with a good friend, we have a great time, lovely conversation and it was just that we were friends albeit one small detail, the friend was a different gender.

So one day I made up my mind, to hell with society. My friends were wonderful, so why should I be bothered about what some donkey (society) had to say or think. They aren’t going to be there when I need a shoulder to cry or a friend for support. It’s my friends who would be there in my time of need or to share my joy.

Since then I have been a very happy person. The day I told myself society didn’t matter, I've had a ball. Though I must say the people working at the cinema theater I frequent must be wondering, one day Chinese guy, nother Malay guy, then short Indian tall Indian. Heheheh its fun to confuse people.

Now what about mom? Have to brainwash her right?

Well over the years, I introduced my good friends to mom, and though at first she was skeptical more of given up on me and my stubbornness, today I’ve successfully brainwashed my mom and she thinks my guy friends are angels.

She now asks me - why hasn’t he called? - such a wide contrast to her questions in the past - why does he call?

Mom’s decided I make one of the soundest decisions in friends though she's quite saddened they’re all just friends. Though when I go for my late night movies, she still does ask how many guys and frowns when I say its just one.

Did I ever manage to change dad? No, not really, never even tried can’t try anymore though.

So the point is, when you decide to be friends with someone from the opposite side, think which is more important your friend or society.

If you answered society, then being friends with the other planet isn’t going to be an option. You’ll always be pondering what will people think, can I go out with a guy before being branded his girlfriend/ boyfriend? Will my going out with different guys create unanswerable questions? You’re never going to have fun and will always be taking a guilt trip.

Its not worth the time or effort if you can’t shake social stigma of your back.

My advice don’t let society haunt you.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Cat's and dogs

Weekends I'm normally missing from blogging but decided to come in for a bit to clear me email and was I surprised. To all the new visitors welcome in - which also means you're supposed to come back as well. :p

Well I didn't want to blog but just as I was planning to leave, it started raining cats and dogs outside. So what else shall start vohlarufiying. be warned I have no idea where I'm going with this post and where it will end so prepare yourself. God bless you for daring to continue hehhehe.

Well where was I, one minute someone played rock music, then usher and now some stupid kiddys tune. Where the hell am I. In a cyber cafe (cc). See despite having a pc and a connection line at home, I can't use them. No no, I'm not being punished for being naughty, adhu antha kalam. Now if I want to be punished, have to do it to myself.

You see my pc and I have this weird relationship. It lives in its own world and I am its subordinant slave. Athuku tohnichina vehla seiyuhm, illathi podinu sohli gammunu iruhkum. So instead of begging it I rather drive down to the cc, though it also means listening to 10 different music being blasted all at the same time. Makes me want to add a tamil song in, but then can't hear myself so rather not. Anyway the sound has died down not as bad as it was 10 mins back.

So why haven't I got a new pc. Well the pc with all its quirks, has sentimental value. Period, not explaining more than that. That's why haven't done anything and ok ok I need a new one. One of these daysla.

Have you ever been snubbed by a kid? Well occasionally my teachers daughter does it to me. it's not that she doesn't like me, its just the kids like my pc, vain n moody yet so cute.

Actually when she was a 1 year old, used to terrorise her into being good by just ahem starring at her. Yep just staring, and the bunch of kids will go hide behind their mommies and behave. Well that was in the past, now kiddo laughs at me when I do those scary eyes coz she's become to familiar with me and knows in actuall fact, all that staring was just an act. My cover blew and now they now I'm harmless.

So I suspect she actually occasionally snubs me in revenge. Though when she doesnt see me for a long time I get the big cute hugs. awwwwwwwwwwwww

Anyways poor thing had a fall and injured her eyebrow skin and you know what was her concern? Will it make her less cute? Was I tickled at her vainess.

Anyway while she was stuck in the car with me, I called her darling and she goes :

Kid : You can't call me darling.

Me : Y not?

Kid : Coz you're not my darling.

Me : (Quickly reverting into drama mode) How could you say you're not my darling, aren't I yours. Sob sob.

Kid : Well if you left me at my cousins place then you can call me darling. (little did the kid know I was going to do that)

Me : What?? I have to do things for you to call you darling??

Kid : And you must give me money, then only you can call me darling.

Me : Not enough I must leave you somewhere, I must give you money to call you darling? Where got fair?

My friend takes a 10 sen and gives the kid the money.

Kid : Ok now you can call me darling.

Me to Friend : hehehe not bad darlings come so cheap in kid's world.

Dang kids are so cute. :p

Friday, March 18, 2005

After Lunch Desert

As you know I was away from the net, the world and isolated into one building for some 10 days earlier on in the month. So in that time I’ve totally back logged on my favourite blogs. So slowly but surely have been getting back to getting myself updated.

Came back from lunch and decided Teakada needs to be visited and happened upon the blog of the week Capriously Me.

I think its an apt crowning, what with a 2 liner generating so much response. Anyway it’s her Thillu Mullu post that really caught my attention. It is not to be missed especially the comments section.

Ah what a great movie. Laugh riot.

And horrors of horrors kiddo Harish has never seen it fully. Starwarsum pahkalaeh Thillu Mulluvum rasikaleh, Harish nee oru sutha waste. ;p

Up next was the Madras bashai post in Teakada. But seriously if you want to know how good you are in it you should take TOTFL.

Huh enna athu????

No no I’m not swearing or vohlaraning, go down to A bunch of Forwards to find out.

But seriously I miss hearing Thamizh in Chennai but I’ve split it into 3 categories. The lovable Madras Bashai, Cheri Bashai and we’re-too-good-for-Thamizh bashai.

The 2 that I miss are the first 2 and totally hate the last.

What the hells - we’re-too-good-for-Thamizh bashai????

Well not really a bashai but this is an irritating habit me and my dad could never stomach.

I look southie, my dad looks southie, what the heck the whole family looks southie yet everytime we sat in a restaurant or at a hotel they would speak to us in English only.

What crap!!!!

Here’s the typical conversation.

Dad : Thambi ingeh pakathuleh enna theater iruku?

Waiter : Sir, there is Sathyam nearby.

Dad : Ingenthu Mylapore ehpadi pohradhu? Ethani maniki kovil mudhum?

Waiter : Sir Mylapore is 3 kms from here. You can take the Call taxi or Auto there. The temple closes at 12 pm.

Dad : Unnaku tamil puriathileh, pesuhna korunjiruhma?

Waiter : eh hehehe nu smiles sheepishly but no bathil.

We got so fed up we’d end up cursing them for the next 2 days and as you can see I'm still fuming. What the hell, since when this fellas became too good for the language?

I suspect its their managements rule but why such a stupid one. Would the standard of the hotel go down if they answered in Tamil? Stupid fellas.

If you go to France and spoke some French they’d celebrate the life out of you the same when you meet a Japanese. The Japanese editor we were working with was overjoyed everytime my friend greeted him in Japanese.

How come in Chennai only we have this shun to the Tamil language in of all places the service industry?

Let’s face it, I’m not a fan of the Malay language, but when I’m overseas or in the company of Malay speaking fellow citizens - we immediately switch to the language. So what gives with Chennaites?

Even when you meet a fellow southie and strike a conversation, they speak to you in the queen’s english. With added British slang which gets thicker when they realise we’re foreigners.

So frustrating. Such a beautiful language, sutha Thamizh or the Madras one - renduhmeh kahlukufies though do like the Coimbatore slang.

Endre mamanneh pathingela? :p

From a Child’s eye

A little boy and girl are playing in a sand box.

The little boy has to go to take a pee and was told by his mother to always be polite and don't talk about private matters in public. At first he holds it in for a little while because he does not know what to say to the little girl to excuse himself.

Then he remembers what his mom has said at the restaurant to excuse herself from the table.

So he turns to the little girl and says, "will you excuse me I have to go powder my nose".

And saying that he leaps out of the sandbox and runs to the washroom.

When he comes back the little girl looks up at him and asks "did you powder your nose?"

"Yes," said the little boy stepping back into the sandbox.

"Well then," says the little girl, "you'd better close your purse because your lipstick is hanging out."

F1, Street parties, gala dinners, Zouk

....... All spells my current no life existence.

See KL’s in a party mood what with F1 kicking of today. I’m a Ferrari Fan but would I attend the F1 in all that heat and noise and not to mention exorbitant price? No I don’t think so. Haven’t even had the urge since its inception in 1999, but of course I’m proud of having it in our backyard. Though I’ve never been happy of the traffic I have to face coz of it.

Anyway this time around, especially this week, there’s been so many parties and more parties being planned around it, since Petronas is celebrating 10 years with F1.

See last night there was the The Malaysian Grand Prix Ice Gala 2005. The list of attendees are really impressive. For the guys - Carmen Electra was here. For pictures go here.

The good news is the auction during the gala raised a grand total of RM432,500 for victims of last year’s tsunami disaster which will go to the Force of Nature Foundation. Read more here.

Not forgetting the tsunami victims the foundation precisely picked the F1 season to host the Force of Nature Concert for Tsunami Aid.

The artist line up is quite impressive - Black Eyed Peas, Backstreet Boys, Boyz II Men, Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean and of course the Malaysian artists such as Sheila Majid and VE.

Well read more here. The official website is here. You can buy tickets here.

The concert will be held tonight March 18, 2005 at Stadium Putra in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. My backdoor!!! I’d have to leave early for home and later for class - and by now you would have guessed I CAN’T GO, eventhough its so nearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Oh wait that’s not the last of it. There’s also the free - Astro F1 Concert on Sunday taking place at the C2 Hillstand, Sepang F1 Circuit, Sepang, Selangor.

There’s even a mobile fashion show giving out F1 tickets. hummmm

Look at the list of street parties, roadshows planned and already implemented.And to top it all of there’s the Regenerated Red Zone party at the Sepang hellipad tomorrow night.

And what am I doing? Going for classes everyday and practicing my fingers off.

So if you’re going, don’t rub it in. I’m still reeling from the fact I couldn’t go for the Michael Jackson concert coz I had to sit for my SPM Bio practical paper 2 days later. I have autograph books with entries of friends who said to hell with Bio, I’m going for MJ and rubbing it in word by word till TODAY.


Breath in breath out ............. Now that I’ve gotten that off, you can go back to whatever you were doing. Shuh shuh.....

Minds Coincidental Strikes

I do most of my thinking in my car. I’ve gotten more inspiration driving in my car then sitting and watching waves hitting the shore. Heck I even practice in it.

Same way yesterday morning on my way to work, I felt like writing about friendship and its hidden rules. Mostly with my own bevy of male friends in mind. So that's how this post came into existence.

I never for once thought later in the day something significant to the post would happen. When I wrote about the attached friends, I had one of my friends in mind. He’s one of my bestfriends and despite the numerous Dome Twisters (I got introduced to the drink coz of him) we used to enjoy together, when he got attached I backed off. I stood at the bylines and watched him be happy. Besides the occasional sms and festive greets the last we really spoke was somewhere in 2002, but I was ok with it, he was happy so I was happy for him.

Then one day last year he excitedly tells me he’s getting married in 2005, I was overjoyed.

Then yesterday happened. Yesterday got an email from him saying lets meet after you get back. I was quite surprised, sent a teaser sms teasing him of his being ‘mia’. That’s when I got a call from him telling me the weddings off for the silliest reason. What pissed me off was not him going missing but him feeling guilty to call me when he was down.

What are friends for if you’re only around during the joyous moments?

My pick is with my mind or is it fate? This isn’t the first time, coincidentally an issue just surfaced and later I hear something related to it.

Its like my mind unconsciously knew what was going to happen and consciously I expressed it. Crap and no my friend doesn’t read my blog, none of them actually know about it.

He could have been a secret reader? If he had found out about my blog, I would have gotten unforgettable dosage of - How could you’s for at least 3 months. So nope.

I don’t know to be upset for my friend or my minds coincidental strikes.

This is Beautiful

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This world is full of beautiful people, but you would never know it by asking them.

In my life I have seen countless beautiful faces, smiles, eyes, hair,laughs, personalities, bodies, and souls, Yet I have never seen one person who admitted to how beautiful they were.

I have heard people talk about how old, ugly, fat, grey, wrinkled, out of shape, dumb and lazy they were. If I asked any of them to admit to their own beauty, even to the beauty of their hearts and souls, however, all I would get was their denials. Why is it seen as perfectly acceptable to constantly put ourselves down,but the height of arrogance to admit to our own beauty, goodness and worth?

There is a wonderful saying that goes, "God doesn't make junk."

Since we are all wonderful Children of God, we shouldn't put down God's work with these "junk" labels.

God didn't put us here to be ugly, stupid or worthless. God put us here to be beautiful, wise and loving. Let's stop being our own worse critics then and start living up to God's view of us.The next time you look in the mirror then see who is really there.

Look at the light in the eyes, the joy in the smile, the happiness in the laugh, and the love in the soul.

Look at the true beauty that is you. Notice that glorious Child of God who is staring back at you That is who you really are.

You are in that bright, beautiful and glowing love and joy that is within.

Don't ever confuse the soul inside of you with the body that carries it around.

Take my word for it.

You are beautiful.

You are wonderful.

You are special.

Now go out and share that beautiful, glorious, loving and joyous person you are with the world.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I am so bad :p

Remember the other day I was complaining about rude people on this post. Well I met the restaurant guy in that post yesterday evening.

You see if you guys clearly remember I said I’m gonna complain. Well I did and here’s what I heard. It seems I’m not the only one he’s done that too, he’s even done it to the owner’s daughter! How stupid can he be, being rude to the owner’s own kin?

So I was the last straw, according to my sources he should have got a whack and a series of children-cannot-hear-thitu*.

Well I wanted to check the effectiveness of that thitu. Whoa was it good or what.

He was so polite and smiling some more. Couldn't even hear his voice. Do you want drinks with that? That’s all is it? You should have seen how he put the food into the bag. Like holding new born baby. Heheheh I was trying all my best not to laugh.

That’s when one of my favourite server uncle’s asks so who was that huh who was rude to you?

It seems he wasn’t there during the scolding but coz the fella was still there and I was trying very hard not to laugh I told him will talk to him later.

See this is called efficient customer service after effective complaining followed by much needed thitu. But why wait till you got the archanai*? Stupid fella.

Archanai* - actually means series of prayers but has been modified to mean - series of scolding.

Thitu* - scolding

Men and women

...............can they really be friends? Yes but only if you follow strict guidelines.

Men, gay, heterosexual or metrosexual, make great friends.

Gay men are wonderful to have as friends for gossip, fashion tips and just to talk. A very comfortable feeling and you don’t have to worry about anything here. One rule though, make sure you look your best around them, otherwise you’re in for a long lecture on looking good.

It’s friendships with the hetero’s and metro’s that need strict guidelines. Oh but he/she knows that I’m treating them as a friend. Agreed but are you giving out the wrong signals? Our actions might contradict our feelings and cause grievous problems when one party misunderstands.

When I first started chatting, I made the mistake of using my dears not even darling just dears. See face to face people understand it’s just another endearment but not everyone has the maturity to take it as that, just a name and over the net it can come out sounding otherwise.

So for the first time I was confronted with - but you called me dear (and I was thinking I call everyone that!), I freaked out and felt so horribly guilty. So before you go around giving endearments, think if the person can take it.

Then there’s the hands. Those 2 harmless things you type with. Harmless my foot it has cost more harm then good in the history of man. We’ll leave Clinton out of this.

While touching the shoulder of a friend or the elbow may be acceptable, the palm is a no no. I’ve heard one too many friends of mine complain that a gal took them for a ride.

"But she used to hold my hand and walk. She touched my palm."

So stay away from that innocent looking sensitive part, if friendship is all you want to maintain.

Flirting. Now flirting is something everyone does but where when and how is important things to take into account. You do not flirt with a friend when you are alone. In a group you either flirt with everyone or you don’t.

Never flirt with the guy/gal who your friend or their friends always tease you with if you’re not interested. Most probably that person has feelings for you which the friends know of and are trying to create a connection by throwing you guys together.

So unless you want to hurt someone don’t flirt with them.

So are you saying the friendship is always platonic?

Well not necessarily. There’s always a chance for one party to fall for the other. But it takes 2 to tango, so if you don’t give out the signals, the friend will realise there’s no hope. But mostly, you come to a point and decide which is more important pursuing the relationship or maintaining the friendship.

Is it really worth risking a friendship, for a relationship you’re not sure will last yet might spoil that connection you have with your friend?

Those are for your single friends but what about the married or attached ones.

Though how much you like talking and hanging out with your bestfriend from the opposite side, when they’re attached it is best to keep your distance.

No calling or smsing your friend after 11 pm (10 pm would be more ideal). Why? Who fancies seeing their husband read n sms in bed? Nor would the girlfriend on the other line laugh hearing her bf laugh or react to an sms he got during their conversation at 12am.

"Oh wait darling, Jenna’s on the other line. Hi Jenna dear I’ve missed you so too."

This is not a conversation any women/ guy would want to hear. Relationships are about being possessive and jealousy. Also remember do not hang on the phone for hours while your friend is out with their partner or on the other line. That’s just asking for too much. Meeting them together and only talking to your friend is another no no.

Sounds trivial but your simple gesture might create a disparity between the couple. So unless you’re trying to emulate Julia Roberts in My Best Friends Wedding. Stay of that phone.

Do not flirt with him in front of his friends, your friends, alone or his girlfriend. You’re just asking for a cat fight. And women are catty, watch the above movie. The scene in the train station ladies and you’ll get the idea.

Once your friend is attached you must understand his priority would be his partner and it should be that way. If it isn’t, there’s something wrong with his/her relationship. So accept that you no longer can call your friend out as often as you want to. You can’t just spring down to their office for lunch and expect them to be there they might have other plans and no movies together is the thing from the past.

And no endearments, even in emails. Its best to maintain a distance. What if the other is reading the partners emails? You don’t want to be the cause of the breakup of your friends relationship right? Right?

Anyway the point is friendship between the genders can only be maintained if both parties understand the unwritten rules. Sure you can go on and on but I knew him first, she just came in into his life. I should be holding the moves not her, but then the question arises. You rather have a friend or nothing at all? Don’t you want your friend happy?

So be wise in your friendship with the other gender. Everything is about give and take and understanding the unwritten rules.

Humm actually wanted to write this from a different angle but it has come out this way. Oh well. :))

I’m freaking out

I’ve never really had stage fright. I’m one of those people who can bluff themselves out despite making mistakes.

However I’m wary about performing in front of a learned audience. That’s why all that tension during the preview. Even though I’m happy the venue has changed to India, its giving me the butterflies.

1. Everyone knows music and is well versed in its intricacies there. Even the students are brilliant and they have daily classes, get daily exposure and can watch a kutcheri any day they want. We have limited of all those. Its scary to perform in front of them. It’s different in a group but solo.

And THEN, I get the itinerary of the programs. Now I understand why everyone’s been giving me the funny look.

Our performing slot has been scheduled to be during the prime time of the event after .........(breath in and out now) Bombay Jayshree. Yep THE musician.

I don’t know whether I should bang my head or jump of a cliff.

Performing for teachers itself is a scary thought, but performing right after a famed musician and having a few more other great artist watching you?


God bless me.

Kadavaleh ennai mathum kapathu. lol

Hehehe Good One

1. Never do housework. No man ever loved a woman because the house was spotless.

2. Remember: you are known by the idiot you accompany.

3. Don't imagine you can change a man - unless he's in diapers.

4. What do you do if your boyfriend walks out? You shut the door.

5. So many men - so many reasons not to date any of them.

6. If they put a man on the moon, they should be able to put them all there.

7. Tell him you're not his type - you have a pulse.

8. Never let your man's mind wander. It's too little to be let out alone.

9. Go for younger men. You might as well. They never mature anyway.

10. Men are all the same. They just have different faces so you can tell them apart.

11. Definition of a bachelor: a man who has missed the opportunity to make some woman miserable.

12. Women don't make fools of men. Most of them are the do-it-yourself types.

13. The best way to get a man to do something is to suggest they are too old for it.

14. Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.

15. If you want a committed man, look in a mental hospital.

16. The children of Israel wandered around the desert for 40 years. Even in biblical times, men wouldn't ask for directions.

17. If he asks what sort of books you're interested in, tell him checkbooks.

18. Remember a sense of humor does not mean that you tell him jokes, it means you laugh at his.

19. Sadly, all men are created equal.

20. When he asks you if he's your first date, tell him "You may be, you look familiar."

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Now if all men were as smart as Lancelot :)

Young King Arthur was ambushed and imprisoned by a monarch of a neighboring Kingdom.The monarch would have killed him but was moved byArthur's youth and ideals.

So the monarch offered him his freedom, as long as could answer one very difficult question. Arthur would have a year to figure out the answer, and if, after a year he did not succeed, he would be killed.

The question was....

What do women really want?

Such a question would perplex even the most knowledgeable man, and to young Arthur, it seemed an impossible query. But, since it was better than death, he accepted the monarch's proposition to have an answer by year's end. He returned to his kingdom and began to poll everyone: the priests, the princess, the wise men, even thecourt jesters.

He spoke to everyone, but no one had a satisfactory answer.

Many people advised him to consult the old witch, for only she would know the answer. But the price was high; the old witch was famous throughout the kingdom for the exorbitant prices she charged. The last day of the year arrived and Arthur had no choice but to talk to the witch.

She agreed to answer the question, but he would haveto agree to her price first. The old witch wanted to marry Sir Lancelot..the most noble Knight of the round table and Arthur's closest friend!

Young Arthur was horrified. She was hunchbacked and hideous, had only one tooth, smelled like sewage, madeobscene noises..he had never encountered such a repugnant creature in his life. He REFUSED to force his friend to marry her and enduresuch a terrible burden.

But Lancelot, learning of the proposal, spoke withArthur.He said nothing was too big a sacrifice to save his friend's life. Hence a wedding was proclaimed and the witch answered Arthur's question thus:

"What a woman really wants, she answered.......................... is to be in charge of her own life. "

Everyone in the kingdom instantly knew that the witch had uttered a great truth and that Arthur's life would be spared.And so it was..the neighboring monarch granted Arthur his freedom and Lancelot and the witch had a wonderful wedding.

The honeymoon hour approached and Lancelot, steeling himself for a horrific experience, entered the bedroom.But what a sight awaited him. The most beautifulwoman he had ever seen lay across the bed.The astounded Lancelot asked, How can this be??

The beauty replied that since he had been kind to her when she appeared as a witch, she would henceforth, be her horrible deformed self only half the time, and the beautiful maiden the other half. Which would he prefer?

Beautiful during the day, or during the night?

Lancelot pondered the predicament.

During the day, a beautiful woman to show off to his friends, but in the privacy of his castle, an old witch?

Or hideous witch during the day and beautiful woman toshare the nights.

What would YOU do???

What Lancelot chose, is below.........BUT..make your choice and read on..


Noble Lancelot..knowing the witches's answer to Arthur's question, said he would allow HER to make the choice!!Upon hearing this, she announced she would be beautiful all the time for him, because he had respected her enough to be in charge of her own life.

NOW...The MORAL of this story is????

The moral is..if you don't let a woman have her own way..things are going to get ugly!!

In this life I'm a woman..................

In my next life, I'd like to come back as a bear.
When you're a bear, you get to hibernate.
You do nothing but sleep for six months.
I could deal with that.

Before you hibernate, you're supposed to eat yourself stupid.
I could deal with that, too.

When you're a girl bear, you birth your children (who are the size of walnuts)
while you're sleeping and wake to partially grown, cute cuddly cubs.
I could definitely deal with that.

If you're a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business.
You swat anyone who bothers your cubs.
If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too.
I could deal with that.

If you're a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling.
He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.

Yup... gonna be a bear.

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(Pic : Sshriyan)

Frolicking in the rain

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(pic : Karlo)

Frolicking in the rain to pitter patter,

Endless games of swish swash puddles,

1,, 2,,, 1,2,3 a million drops ensuing in natures rhythm

thakita thakadimi thakatakita thakita thakadimi thakatakita thakita thakadimi thakatakita

Peeking out through the clouds,

Rays playing hide and seek,

Glistening the drops of heaven's bounty,

Creating arrays of colour,

Vivid hues over blue skies,

Tapering leaves, gushing the earth

Drops of wonder, bliss of creation

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(pic : Usefilm)

Today’s a friend’s........

..........birthday. 29th to be precise and he’s feeling mighty old.

Didn’t help when I called and ask how does it feel to be a kehlavan? Hehehehe I think he would have strangled me if I had stood in front of him that moment.

Then he started pohlamburaning about his age how it has occurred to him, he’s reached his 30’s just like that and soon he’ll be 40 and then older and worrying about children. Lol talk about wild imagination.

"I met you when I was 23!!!! Look at me I’m 29 already where did the time go????"

It seems it finally dawned on him when a few days back, a 12th standard gal called him..... Uncle. *rofl*"

I don’t even look like one yet. I'm not even married!!!! Why’d she call me that????"

Hehehehe, well on my part can only help remind him he’s old and have resolved to call him uncle from now on. *rofl*

Anyways Happy Birthday and don’t worry 30’s just round the corner. You’re becoming one great Kehlavan.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


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(Pic : Ruthasa)

Trickles of rain,

gushes of wind,

sparing light dancing beams,

natures wonders frolicking in abundance

Monday, March 14, 2005

It’s all about this

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Confused of seeing a picture of a veena?

Hey you said you’d tell us something not show a picture.

Well be patient, I won’t put up something without a reason. I might tease, mislead but no I won’t misinform. Come on you should have known me better.

I’m disappointed. Tsh tsh tsh.

Heheheheh ok ok enough of drama, I’ll get right down to the details.

The big event I have been slogging for, no sleep, no life all was for this one instrument. You see I’m a carnatic music student and I play the veena as well.

Some time last year after Navarathri, my teacher of 10 years (exactly this March 05) informs me that I’m doing my Arangetram* in 2005.

Well let me explain the 10 years, for Malaysians it sounds great, but in India its considered a long time. The problem with learning here in Malaysia is we don’t have daily classes and music is but a hobby not something you took up as a career since there’s not much prospects here.

However my school has quite a number of quality control rules. You have to sit for exams and to get the nod for an arangetram you need to get the approval from all the music teachers after performing in a preview.

So even though I knew about the arangetram and I’ve been going for million and 1 practices. Practically all waking hours excluding working hours. I didn’t blog about it since I was scared of getting jinxed at the preview.

Last Friday was D Day. As you know I was miserably sick and also had developed some kind of shaking in the hands. My friend tells me the medicine must have been too strong, well at least I’m nearly cured.

Didn’t help that the last practice ended just one hour before D time and I still had to go home and change. Home’s 30 mins away. So you can imagine the tension. So instead of speeding, I told myself you’re doing a normal speed and we’ll leave the rest on speed since shaking hands aren’t so compatible with speed.

Anyway somehow I got back to my school on time without speeding but totally freaked out accompanied with shaking fingers.And so when it came to my turn, fear was written all over my face and I think I looked half dead. I started of ok and then plonk, finger slipped. That’s it I thought, gone my dreams of an arangetram.

Finally after I finished gave my teacher a pathetic look and walked out no nearly ran out.

I was outside pohlamburaning* to my friend. I was waiting for my teacher to yield the axe at me and then we were called in to get our review.

They said it was ok and we can go ahead. Yippieeeeeeeeeee.

Then I’m told - you know you’re very good at covering your mistakes and getting back on track but that song everyone knows you know. Hehehehe I smile sheepishly.

Still I wasn’t happy, mom came out and I was still pohlamburaning when she tells me what the verdict was.

The music director liked my playing. WHUA...

I was so excited, I got the approval of THE one. WOW.

He liked my playing, very clear it seems. Yippieeeeeeeeeeeee

That’s what I’m so excited was all about. After the mistakes I made I wasn’t expecting to get HIS approval.

And by the way before you go wow, I’m just an amateur player with lots of space for improvement and compared to the zillion of carnatic students in India, I’m not so great.

Ok now what’s the other exciting news. Well you see my school celebrates our patrons birthday each year at one of the centres around the world. So when my teacher consulted swamiji on the dates, he insisted we perform for his birthday in Perth.

Wait wait before any celebrations, the venue for the performance was changed to ............................ India.

Yep I’m coming to India this April for a short trip.

From 6 - 11th April to be exact and the performance will be in Coimbatore but I plan to be in Chennai on the last few days.

So I plan to meet my old friends and the new ones I’ve meet through blogging. So please leave a comment or email me if you’d like to meet. As I won’t be leaving any details here.

Don’t worry I don’t bite. Hehehehhehe

There’s only 22 days left.

Arangetram* first solo performance on a stage

pohlamburaning* complaining