Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 - its all yours!

I've been smiling like a mad women since yesterday - theres this stupid grin stuck to my face. I had a blast yesterday - for now all I can say is - I was totally surprised - yeah it was the ultimate surprise party. Will write in 2006 ;) The party isn't over you see ;)

Thanks everyone for the wishes, the calls, the sms, the blogger who conspired with my friends, the cards, the video (sundar and family), the poem (somu), the lollu (ferrari), am so touched and feeling overwhelmed and that stupid grin refuses to leave. It isn't nice being blur you know!

Lets welcome 2006 and bid adieu to 2005 a year that has been such a rollercoaster.


An excerpt from something I coined for the friends

2005 whispers lots - some hushed but mostly boisterous - the way we like it

The way we move it ... Move it or so the pundit says

As 2005 ends wake me not....
As 2006 nears cradle me not.....

Linked we are..... party we will

at 80 walking stick in hand..... humour in check..... love in abundance

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Friday, December 30, 2005

Mummy joke-u

Today morning after a long time of being sick and finally getting back the voice, I decided to sit and sing some songs after the morning prayers at the temple. We're walking out of the temple when mom says .......

Ps : thanks guys for all the birthday wishes ;)

Mom : Evlo naal achu kethu nalla iruhku kehka
so nice to hear - so long since I heard.

Me : (thinking shes talking about the singing)

Mom : nambeh vithu munnaleh kethu rombeh naal ach
we don't hear it in front our house anymore
Me : ????? huh

Mom : athan nambah veedu arealeh kaka parandha suthu kohlraneh
you knowlah they shoot down the crows if it passes our area
Me : grrrr!!!!!

You're 26! 26! 26!

That's been the most frequently heard phrase in the last 12 hours.

Lol but in 2 more days you'll be another year older! And I'll still be just 26!

Ahh the joys of being a Decemberian!

Yes people today I cross over the quarter century mark!

Its my Birthday ;) And its time to Party!!! ;p

Oh yes over the week I had the most sweetest birthday gift from a father and daughter. It goes up there as one of the best gifts I've ever received. Thank you so much.

Ps : If he says ok I'll put it up ;)

Update : )

My gift! My gift! From the singing angels ;)

Thanks again Sundar, Sangeetha and both baby A's ;)

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Thursday, December 29, 2005


Am confused - was thinking of changing the template - worked on something for 3 hours yesterday with the help of this cool website. The thing is it looks good now after it went through critical torture but then some things are missing on it and am going nuts trying to put it together and suddenly the older one looks ok. Talk about the brink of madness!

So shall I change and go mad or shall I keep it looking the same! Whichever the blog still gets a new image header ;) Oh yeah the images are already on my Flickr album - in case you guys have a preference ;)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I'm back lots to update but maybe tomorrow.

Adapavi - reading VIkkki's comment and then seeing the bday related post - I thought it was his bday. Juneleh bday ipohveh wish pahnithen - irundhalum ithu 3 much! so the thing in italic is err an error ;p Thanks Nithya for pointing it out ;)

See you guys have been praising me too much we missed wishing VIkkki or Whoosh. Sorry dear I didn't know :(

So Happy Belated Birthday VIkkki

Guys go wish him there
and post continues below ;)

Me : Ammaaaaaaaa where's the knife
Amma : Inside the drawer where else

Me : Its not there
Amma : Look properly - don't make me come there

Me : I am looking - evlo dhan theduradhu (where else am I supposed to look)

Amma : enna ponnu nee oru kathikuda kandupudika mudialeh
(what gal are you? You can't even find a knife!)

Then I'm reminded of another similar incident - I look in that place, knife found.

Me : You know where I found this?

Amma : In the kitchen where else!!! Unnaku than kannu teriyadhe (you can't see properly what!)

Me : Oh yes it was in the kitchen ......
Amma : See I told you
Me : inside the fridge!!!!!
Amma : Oh hehehehe

Me : Fridgeku ethukuthan kathi thevaiyohhh
I don't get why the fridge needs a knife

The daily knife, key, things argument at home!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Birthdays ;)

First Wishing a Happy Belated Birthday to Madhu. Sorry dear missed it :((

And today is Bishwa's Birthday

And tomorrow is Sheks birthday - advance wishes in case am missing tomorrow ;)

Go wish them over there guys ;)


God bless everyone who lost someone, something or a part of them 1 year ago. May this year end peacefully.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

I love festivals and everything that comes with it. You know the decor, the celebration, the merry making. Well one of the best places to actually see such decors would be shopping malls and I think Midvalley has outdone everyone this year repeatedly.

So as I wish everyone a Joyous and Merry Christmas (especially to James, Jenne, Sam, Sophie, JVC, Shamgar, Nick, Tony, Jo,and Tarun - hopefully I didn't miss anyone else), here's a collection of photos from Eid, Deepavalli and Christmas ;)

Oh yes its Flickr you need to see for the photos ;)

Merry Christmas everyone ;)

Christmas Decor

Eid Decor

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Ponnu Nambha Ponnu ;)

For a very long time during my innital blogging days, my blog commenters were all guys, and then one day this lady came along, one whose probably naughtier than I am (sad sad ;p). And I've been thrilled by her ever since ;)

Happy Birthday IBH ;)

Now guys go there and wish her ;)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Absent minded

The other day I was heading for my car absentmindedly. Key in one hand and bags in another, I got closer to the car.

I was putting my key into the keyhole when I noticed another car next to it in the same colour and make. Took a step back to check the number and to my horror I was trying to open the wrong car.

I quickly looked up as I walked away to find another guy looking at me cautiously as he headed in my direction. Assuming it was his car I sheepishly gave him an apologetic smile. He smiled back, that's when I realised that wasn't his car either.

Suddenly both of us burst out laughing. I have no idea why.

But it was one of those situations ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Have you ever looked at the lines of a kolam? Its always interconnected. Have you ever watched the person behind the design, at work? Let me tell you a secret, they're actually lost in a different world. The ride back only starts at the end.

I stopped referring to a book for inspiration a very long time ago. These days all I have for inspiration is the freshly washed floor. Today as I was deciding what to draw, for a minute I came up blank, and as time was ticking I just decided to go with the flow. Yet today's one seemed to have left me inspired and philosophical.

As everyone gushed at today's design, I smiled knowingly of its flaws. You see I don't think I've ever drawn a perfect kolam, I don't think I ever will. I know occasionally my symmetries don't add up, or I made the wrong curve but managed to divert it back on course. To the outsider it looks flawless but I know its secrets. I could sit and pinpoint the flaws even if you don't see it, I was the creator, it was my creation, I know where it isn't beautiful. But that is the beauty of it, the flaws make my designs real, alive and most of all life like.

Take life, you go on charting a path, climbing hurdles, going through winding curves, sometimes taking repetitive circles of ups and downs. You being the person living the life, know where you had faltered, where the errors and mistakes are and the loses that time had dealt. But wait why are we analysing mistakes. Wait god tells you, step back with me and see what I see and behold despite the flaws that you think is evident, actually a beautiful design has taken shape. All that curves, circles, ups and downs intertwined itself, bringing character to what would have been plain straight lines, had life been a perfect transcending line!

The point is life has its flaws, you have imperfections, everyone has done some mistake - but these are what makes you one of a kind - no two patterns are ever the same, they could be similar but not identical. Each point of your life defines who you are, who you will be, who you can be.

Our ancestors were clever, kolams are pretty therapeutic. Each time I draw one, my thoughts wander, yeah so there's another obstacle, you'll have to make changes, but it will all come together, it will all make sense, soon, as beautifully as you had imagined, the curves tell me.

Life's philosophy courtesy the endless cycle called Kolams.

The Kolam that inspired ;)

Click here for a larger image

Ps : same post on ecliptic as well with an extra photo ;)

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Save the Thumb

I love my thumb. Thats why if you're my friend and it isn't urgent, you don't get a reply from me when you send me an sms.

Pity the thumb, what atrocious deeds we put it through. Constantly clicking on the keypads till it becomes sore and disfigured! Cheh Cheh how can we mistreat a living thing like this? How inhuman can we be!

Imagine 2 thumbs meeting and discussing their plight.

Thumb 1 : cough cough am not feeling so well - hey why are u all bandaged?
Thumb 2 : this kid keeps hitting me on his phone keypads
Thumb 1 : tell me about it - yesterday the kid went on a 200 sms marathon
Thumb 2 : 200? Thats nothing this kid goes 500 daily! Look at me I can't recognise myself!
Thumb 1 : damn

Thumb 2 : do you think they'll ever cease torturing us?

Thumb 2 : when 3g came out I thought we were gonna be free at last - but then it doesnt seem to have picked up... I think........ We're gonna be slaves for.... for.... Life.. whuaaaa

Thumb 1 : there there now - someone will save us.... oneday!

Thumb 2 : you think so?
Thumb 1 : I hope so

Thumb reporter : Will they be saved? Or are they doomed for eternity?

Save the thumb campaign was brought to you by "Sorry I don't sms back immediately. Inc" and " Emails get delayed.Inc".

Ps : if you still didn't get the message - it means I normally delay replys to sms and emails! ;p

Pss : In truth i'm constantly in awe of ppl who send lightning sms so this wasn't about anyone! ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I was having a conversation with my local restaurant waiter. The guys from India and was asking a lot of questions. If you didn't know I come from the kind that are nice to waiters or people in the service industry. I'd smile and even have conversations - this was one of those.

Ps : another post below ;)

Ever realised Kamal fans insist on telling people he's the best and everyone should be his fan?

He : Nengeh Vijay fan ah?
Me : Illehya nah Rajini fan
He : ohhh Kamal pudhikadho
Me : Apdhinu illeh rajini movie nah fun

bla bla bla ....
He : Ammam ammam but then Kamal fans maari vahruma - nangeh ehlam adaka ohdakama iruhpohm
Me : ethu? enna Kamal maari yah? ;p

He : err cheh apdhilam illeh

Then there was the age, the name the bf qs

He : Boyfriend?
Me : no
He : ehpadi illeh?
Me : ehnn illama iruhka kudatha?
He : illeh ingeh ponnungeh
Me : enna ingeh ponnungeh? Seri angeh mathum apdhi illehya - ungehluku gf iruhka
He : Cheh cheh nangehlam nalla pasangeh apdhilam panna mathum
Me : nengeh? Oohhh seri seri aprohm intha collegele sight adichatalam?
He : sight adikaradhu chumma timepass ehpadi ponnu roadleh pohna nalla iruhkunu sohluvohm avlothan

Me : ohho actualla sight adi vandhu link agathathu thanna sight mathum adhichomnu sohluvangeh
He : illeh nangehlam just sight than adhipohm

Then conversation went to travel, bus, train - rayil payanam and the 45 deg slanting bus
He : sometimes engeh ooruleh love story ipdhi than busle start pahnum
Me : aik nengeh than sohningeh ungeh oru pasange love lam panna mathangehnu?
He : illeh generalla sohlrohm india then movies paathu
Me : seri seri maatikitingehnu othukungeh ipdhilam thirai kadhai vasanam sohladingeh
He : heheheh

Yes so even the waiter doesn't escape from my lollu ;)

ps : sorry am not translating it - you can make fun of me on the previous post ;)

Medication? Stop?

So being sick makes you lose your appetite? Makes you lethargic

Not me, actually its the other way round. I somehow trained myself to translate sick with food and medicines turns me hyper once I start getting well. I so want to jump around the office now or I donno tickle someone and run around non stop!

I keep asking people to entertain me. They're thinking of throwing me out the building or start a stop the medication campaign. If that does not work am gonna go jump around the office - toodles ;p

Monday, December 19, 2005


I'm a dog person ;) I love dogs they're such loyal creatures and fun and loving too.

Ps : I've updated my kolam blog - check out the Ecliptic Meridian here. Will be updating regularly given its the season.

Plus another post below

I don't think anyones ever had a dog like mine (wishful thinking here). Leave lassie out of this, lassie was trained and had personal assistants. Browny was with us during my initial school days, till I was 8 I think. I adored the fella. He wasn't any rare breed or even a pedigree, he was just a normal dog with a fully brown coat. Browny was my dog, not my brothers not my parents, he was mine.

Actually the brother was scared of him coz as sweet as Browny was to me, he was also a fierce dog. Browny never barked at me just at the bro and most of all he never licked me. I love dogs but don't like the ones that lick. I'd take him out for walks and play with him, my evenings were always spent with him.

Browny used to follow me to school. Then I used to walk through this back road and then through a meadow and he'd wag his tail and follow me to school while I told him stories and then he'd find his way back to our house. Now thats not the amazing part. What was amazing with my Browny was, he'd come back and wait for me at the same place I left him every afternoon when school ended to accompany me back.

One day Browny didn't arrive to pick me up, I reached home expecting to find him jumping at me but we never saw him again. My dog was gone, missing and that was the last time I had a pet. I never wanted another dog. Till today despite being offered pedigree dogs by friends, I've declined them all - no dog could be my Browny ever again


I'm back ;) thanks guys for all the wishes ;) feeling better but the voice has taken a hike with no memo of coming back - now does Santa bring voice as gifts?

Ok about the title - it seems to be the place I've been most frequent at this week for 2 special occasions.

Ok 2 weeks back a few of us bloggers met over frapucinos in a closed meet. Actually it was just the gals who wish to remain anonymous so we met up. Still, Alive, Amu and her sis and I finally put a face to the person behind each others blogs. It was fun meeting you gals despite the horrendous traffic I had to drive through only to arrive at a nearly full parking lot!

Last Saturday was another Starbucks moment, with me arriving pathetically late thanks to the traffic again, to meet Dr Jay bee. One of my older readers ;) Actually I know him from a yahoogroup we're both members off but just that we hadn't met. We discussed everything from blogs, the net, astrology, religion, movies, ragas ;) It was a pretty interesting meet ;) Found out so much from such a knowledgeable man ;) In between losing the voice on and off - conversation was great ;)

Oh yes to the rest of the guys we shall meet on a later date as promised - let me get back to routine first ;)

Every Christmas at the office, we pick a persons name and we buy them a gift and they're supposed to guess the gift giver. This is one game I've been losing at. Somehow every year a bunch of people know who's giving a gift to whom. Right up till Christmas everyone's eyes is gonna be peeled at the designated gift area.
Am looking for a gift to give a guy we're to stick to RM 20 ( about RS 230) - anyone with any nice ideas - I just seem to have the usual ideas hummm and all I know is he likes food, movies and karoke! None are giftable!

This was what happened last year ;)

Joke of the day - over the radio - every morning the DJ's play pranks on unsuspecting people, since it is Christmas - they're looking for Santa. So one of them called up the 101 number (public service that provides phone numbers of every place around the country) and asked for Santa's number. The poor gal assumed it was some Sam until he spelled the whole name out. She was pretty sweet and answered - uh why don't you wait till Christmas. The guy didn't stop he went on asking for reconfirmation. She just answered I'm sorry we can't confirm.

The joke was I burst out laughing and in between my heh heh's there'd be a silent sound.

Santa will you bring me back my voice? Please! Pretty please! ;)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sick :(

Worst part about being sick is .... seeing the dr. Its even weird when you have drs like mine. I normally go to the Dr near my house (lets call him DRW) or the one under the company panel clinic. Now both have their pros and cons.

DRW somehow gets pretty excited to see me that he starts babling. You see flu gives me a headache and this is what it implies to him

Me : I'm having a headache
DRW : Did you fight with the bf?
Me : huh
DRW : you know break ups are usual - you shouldn't worry about them - if one goes move on to the next
Me : errrr

If its not that its this

Me : I'm having a headache
DRW : Are you pregnant?
Me : huh???? nooo

So why do I still go to him? Well one his medicines work, he doesn't take long and hes compasionate, he'll give me the MC.

Then there's the panel dr.

Me : I'm having problem breathing, the nose is blocked and I can't swallow
DRW : yes you're right your nose is fully blocked and the tonsils are quite swollen
Me : umm
DRW : ok here's the medicine - you can go back to work now
Me : (????) errr I can't breath, day off would be good u know
DRW : ohh ok

Sighhh what a Dr, tells me I'm really sick but I should go back to work.

So am gonna go rest somemore see you guys next week.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Corsage? Ladies?

Somehow I was reminded of this college party we threw at the end of my first year. That was the year I had lived the hostel life and loved it.

So anyway the organisers roped me in to work on the planning of the event since it was going to be after valentines day and we wanted to trick everyone. So we came up with a plan that probably went down college history. We painstakingly sat and prepared the props so no one would find out what was gonna happen, I didn't even tell my roommates! Read along if you want to discover what the plan was.

On that day everyone started walking in. Every gal who walked in was handed an orchid corsage without any instructions. The unsuspecting gals happily pinned it to their dresses while telling the guys how sad they didn't get one. Little they know tables were gonna be turned ;) The friends also didn't know I was going to be the informal emcee of the evening and the games host.

Anyway we got everybody to settle down and the emcee welcomed everyone before I got my cue. Thats when we announced the plan of the day. We were gonna matchmake everyone - hey it was Valentines day!

The boys would come up one by one as I called their names and pick a gals name out of a box. Then he will be given a rose which he will present to the gal while she will pin the corsage on him and they would be dates for the rest of the evening. Hows that for table turning! ;p

Immediately you could see the gals taking of the corsages while I got the evil stare from the roommates. Hey a games a game!

The first guy refused to take the first name that came out as it was his friends gf (it was either he was scared or some people took it seriously).

Some were outright sweet going down on their knees some played exchange gifts at a distance but most of the gals were sporting enough to pin the corsage.

Mine turned up to be a good friend (who also happened to be newly in love with one of the gals) who went down on his knees to give the rose. Sweet huh ;) Of course the room cheered since we were on stage. I got abutted by the roommates later for not telling them but of course they were enjoying it! Who doesn't like roses!

When I went back on stage after the entertainments - people actually went ooh ooh what else has she planned? We had planned some games that some gals unfortunately protested. It was really funny - the gals and I who came up with the tricks used to play them at home with our parents around and here they were protesting!

Some of the games were pretty simple like balancing an apple or orange while dancing without using ur hands between a couple. The other was the feeding a banana and feeding sweets using a spoon held with the mouth. Those are the ones I can remember. Some gals did play spoil sport but it was nevertheless a fun night!

Somehow at every college party I'd be the first gal dragged to the dance floor. Cheh they would never even ask - they'd just pull me to dance and then the other gals would join in.

That was a fun night - the parties after that were ok but not as surprising ;)

Linz won!!

The Linz Family won!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

OK I haven't gone mad. I'm an ardent fan of the Amazing Race. Yes the reality show.

Every season I have the family I love and the family I hate. Each time the family I love have won and this year was no different. I actually didn't car who won, the Bransen or the Linz I just didn't want the Weaver family to win.

Those loons spent the first half of the show saying who needs those losers (other teams) - they wanna have alliance go ahead we don't need to and then spent the 2nd half complaining no one likes them/ If you want to see the meaning of crocodile tears check them out. It was like there was some button they can press for tears. They're also a rude bunch. The sore losers didn't even congratulate the winners.

Anyway this is one reality show I haven't missed since the 4th season and my favourite teams have won each time. But I think the best season was season 5 when Chip and Kim won. It was such an intense final and again the runner ups Rob and amber (I got this wrong it should be Colin and Christie thanks to Eyeris for pointing it out - robh and amber are from last years season) were just waiting to be loathed!

The Linz deserved to win, the 3 brothers and 1 sister team were a sweet team, eventhough it was a competition if they could, they would help the other teams.

Anyway congrats to the Linz family. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Project Matchmaking

As you've already known, I've been spending endless hours bullying and teasing the friends on their new found love.

So they've all ganged up to try to hitch me with someone so they can return the tease. For the past few weeks conversation turns up this way

Friends : see that guy how about him
Me : no
Friends : what about the guy in the blue shirt
Me : yawn he has a gf if you hadn't noticed
Friends : he has? Damn!
Me : thank god ;)
Friends : what about ur friend so and so
Me : hey so and so's my friend - don't mix up that!
Friends : everyones a FRIEND for you!
Me : err yeah so
Friends : grrr what about so and so and so?
Me : oi so and so and so is also a friend

few days later
Me : u know so so so and so is bla bla bla bla .... And before you ask no he's only a friend
Friends : bursts out laughing! Hey how'd you know?
Me : yeah yeah u'll laugh you've tried matchmaking me with every single xy chromosome we've met! So don't worry I'll answer before you ask!
Friends : hehehe well I want to bully you so shut up and get hitched!
Me : aaah so hows he doing ;) (blink blink blink blink - you know innocent looks)
Friends : hehe grrrr

And so it continues. So if you meet so and so, or so so and so or so so and so and so - gal they're all still just friends. And if so and so, or so so and so or so so and so and so reads this, I shall like to assert I was not part of project matchmaking!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Surprise! Surprise!

Yeah I know I've been missing and I know the blogs beginning to look like a birthday announcer but then I love wishing people and there was the time issue and theres the fact theres so many December babies ;)

Well anyway here's the story I've been dying to tell ;)

Yesterday was one of our friends birthday, but she wasn't going to be in town during her birthday plus since celebrating birthdays on the very day is so old fashioned we threw her a surprise bash last Friday. I am if you haven't known by now a master of surprises ;)

So last Thursday another friend and I secretly made plans to meet and buy her the gift. I stuck to jewelery coz I knew she was as much an accessory addict as I was.

The plan, the birthday gal knew was, we were gonna party Friday of in celebration of her birthday with a bunch of friends.

We couldn't take her to any other place as she would have suspected something was amiss so we were left with hijacking her to a parking lot, doing it at the usual restaurant which would mean I'd have to go leave the cake there first.

While we were choosing the cake (me doing the buying while the other friend was bugged over the phone over cake type) I got the idea of celebrating it at a fast food joint. I called unsuspecting birthday gal and changed our meeting location. She didn't suspect a thing.

I placed the cake and gifts into a bag (left it on the backseat) and left enough space for a piece of paper to stick out from the zipper. On the paper I'd written AHEM Actually you're cordially invited to your birthday party.

The plan was to innocently ask her to pick the paper and read out a number on it for me to call.

When we turned up to pick her the paper fell out and I froze when she picked it up but since she was excited to see us she just left it on the seat. That's when the phone decides to ring as well - the other bunch of friends were calling to confirm the place.

Me : gal could you read the paper for me. (on the phone I'm trying to confirm the location while not giving away the place)
She : err uhhh ok (reads no reaction just blinks at us)
Me and friend : oi whats wrong with you will you please react??
She : uhhh (reads again) oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hehehe
Me : nonsense we're having your party at AMW this isn't just party night.

Anyway finally she got over her blurness and got excited. We missed the chance of bashing her into her senses. Then told her about the gift and the cake.

She : I get a gift? Wait wait when did you all discuss without me? Wasn't I always around?
Friend : well you remember those silences in the emails we were discussing the party then and we met yesterday to get the gift.
She : you met without me???
We : oi you'll love the gift so stop complaining.

We got our food and asked her gift or cake first. Oh yeah we actually made her carry the bag with the gifts and the cake. She went for the gift and as expected she loved it. Of course we told her if she didn't she can always give it back to us - we'll wear it for her.

But that wasn't the last surprise. I had got the other friend something a few months back but forgot to give it to her when we celebrated her birthday (yes I have a memory problem). But the delay was worth it when I passed her the gift, the look on her face was just priceless!

Me : see this is how you're supposed to look when you're thrown a surprise
She : ehhh I never expectedla
Me : duh isn't that why its called a surprise

So that's how we celebrated a non kid, non teenager's birthday at a fast food joint dressed up to the nines. There were lots of hugs, lots of joy. Party ended with me hitting the bed at 6 am only to wake up in 1 and a half hours time for work thanks to another darlings wake up call.

In another news one of my best friends just officially got engaged and I have a wedding I've been dying to see to attend next year. I still can't imagine the rapper in a veshti so humm this is gonna be interesting but its definitely gonna be after the world cup only (oh yes did you guys notice the placings - yawn most of the best teams are in favourable groups). That was the first thing I asked him ;)

Their love story is itself a fairytale but most importantly despite him being surrounded by gals all the time (our gang) she has become a wonderful addition to our bunch. I actually sent her a soppy sms thanking her for understanding our friendship. The thing is its extremely rare to find partners who would understand your friends whatever the gender - and they're both lucky in that way. The gem of a friend is finally getting hitched to another gem ;)

And yes if you are looking to throw a surprise party please consult Mua - as you can see I am an expert ;)

Praba Kiddo ;)

My secret informer tells me today is Praba kiddo's birthday.

Happy Birthday Praba ;) Go wish here there ok ;)

Ps : I promise there's another post coming right after this messages ;)

Is it me or are most bloggers born in December? anyone with a theory?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Mr Poets birthday

Cheh Nengehlam too much - ehlarum too much kannu pohtutingeh!

See I missed wishing Somu on his birthday which is today actually.

Interestingly its the same day as Rajini and as my friend - who got a surprise party last friday courtesy master planner mua and partner in crime - the other friend.


So Mr poet this might be late but wishing is always sweet

So Happy Birthday Somu Thatha ;)

By the way check this out

New Friend

I'm pretty busy just got back from the cousins wedding to a pile of work but I think this needs to be put up.

KM sent me a link to Tarun Jacobs blog. The young tarun suffers from "Non Hodgkins Lymphoma". What was most interesting is despite the pain of chemo you can see him smilling in all his photos.

Simply all I'm saying is, drop by to his blog ;) Theres a new friend out there ;)

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Alex ;)

Today's Alex Birthday. Another December baby ;)

So go over to her place and wish her will you guys!

Happy birthday Dear ;)

(ignore read more)

Friday, December 09, 2005

Remembering that day

I'm talking about birthdays - the birth day - personal hallelujah day - or what ever you call it!

PS : Today is not my birthday just reminiscing;)

There are memorable ones there are forgettable ones. Whatever it is it marks another year gone, another new beginning. There was the time you wanted to throw a huge bash, then the quiet ones, then the solemn ones life throws at you and most importantly the ones you cherish with friends and family. People often ask what's so special about birthdays its just another day..... true but it is special. Or why would you grin sweetly everytime someone wishes you ;)

I remember the 7 year old party running around in pink frilly dress.

The 9 year old celebration with the classmates where all the gals turned up but only one boy turned up. I still have that gift from my old classmate, a ship in a bottle.

The 10 year old family party in a blue ensemble.

The 12 year old vacation to Pangkor (a beautiful island here)

The 15 year old celebration in Madras with a rock hard choc cake that nearly broke the knife!

The 16 year old surprise party at the music school.

The 17 year old just after SPM (o levels) refusing to celebrate and starting work for the first time in an office job to kill time.

The 18 year old being forced to attend a party at a park in the middle of the night knowing she was gonna get splattered ;)

The 21st birthday saree that remains a favourite. The kid who scraped his knees badly wanting to buy a gift for this akka and not being able to go out, creates the sweetest birthday card while apologising for not getting her a gift. The best gift ever.

The same birthday that was never celebrated as the dad had his first heart attack. The same birthday which later turned into a most soul satisfying annadhanam at a temple.

The sweet 22nd birthday.

The idly mauvu revenge birthday, the gorgeous guruvayur visit, the year that was joy sorrow and bliss, the first of many - the 23rd.

The 24th birthday, the first year without dad whisked away with joy and laughter by friends only to end with the cousins death news.

The tsunami ridden 25th, unwilling to celebrate, quietly spent the evening sorting out clothes for relief efforts.

Sweet memories ;)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sweet 18 Ramya

Hey its Ramya kiddos birthday.

Happy Birthday Darling ;)

My server is just killing me today. Updating has been a pain, its taking nearly an hour!

There's 2 posts below ;)

Ops you got caught!

Fear not here's what you do when the gf catches you drooling over other women ;)

By the way another post below but it might not interest everyone ;)

This cute gal passes by and you automatically turn and she catches you.

You tell her

1 she looked like your friends sister
2 you were looking at the guy standing in that direction ( do not try this if you're new in the relationship - you might just be assumed to be gay )
3 you were shocked by some huge zit or mole you thought you saw that's why you couldn't stop staring
4 I was comparing both of you is NOT a good answer

You automatically flirt with the cute gal at the ticket counter or waitress

You tell her

1 you were just being nice (instantly chat up the guy waiter as well)
2 you feel sorry she's on her feet all day
3 I was checking out her uniform to see if it looks good on you is NOT a good answer

You were caught drooling over Asin, Angelina Jolie, Aiswarya Rai or some cutie in a magazine

You tell her

1 Can you see that spot on her face - well actually she has a bad complexion, its all make up and photoshop touches - not like you honey - you're gorgeous without make up
2 I was thinking this dress/ accessory would look better on you.
3 She's hot!!! Why aren't you like her??? Is NOT a good answer

There's no women's version. Women are the masters of discreet you see ;)

Behind the baby

The other day was watching an interesting documentary about the human baby and its path to communication on Discovery.

As most of you would know the foetus is capable of listening to the sounds coming from outside the womb. Thats why during pregnancy, mothers are advised to speak and think good thoughts and even listen to music.

There were a few experiments conducted in different stages of a babies growth in the documentary..

> A newborn baby responds to the sound of the language his parents conversed in.

> The child recognises the soothing voice of its parents.

> Babble is actually a child's way of learning a language - they're actually trying to reproduce the sound they're hearing.

> Everyone speaks in the universal high pitched voice with babies which the babies love and are familiar with.

> Babies of 4 months can differentiate between voice tones and facial expressions

> Between the 6th and 10th month the child is receptive to learning and understanding a different language. The simple test showed a Caucasian baby of 6 months and another of 10 months being exposed to the 2 different "da" in hindi. While the 6 month old was able to recognise the different sounds the 10 month old couldn't recognised the difference. In other words this would be the best time to expose a child to different languages.

> Another form of communication that was highlighted was the pointing of objects.

If we take the Indian traditions, pregnant mothers are normally advised to not watch horror or bloodshed during their pregnancy and to instead spend it on obtaining knowledge.

Some years back one of my teachers music class was attended by this pregnant Japanese gal who was married to an Indian man. And during the last half of her pregnancy we were busy mastering Mahaganapathim the Dikshitar krithi in Naatai.

When the child was born she still continued bringing the baby to our classes. However the kid would occasionally get cranky when she heard too many voices. Interestingly whenever we sang Mahaganapathim her face would brighten up and she would laugh those adorable baby gurgles.

Interesting isn't it?

Anyone with such stories?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm One!

So my darling blog says ;) Yes we just turned one people ;)

The popularity of the blog has grown beyond my expectations - much appreciated guys.

Thank you all for the wonderful times its been a marvelous journey.

As all good things must come to an end.....

We shall stop babbling nonsense ;) Hehehehe nah I'm not planning to stop blogging. Do I hear a few sighs of disappointment? Awww sorry guys I shall promise to continuously bug you ;)

I was writing a soppy post earlier and even the electric gods couldn't take it, the skies thundered its disapproval and my screen went blank matching the pitch darkness of the suddenly dead light bulbs!

Ok the skies didn't thunder but there was a black out!

What I wanted to say was I've loved blogging and this encouragement I get from you guys who comment or my silent readers who never fail to come by and increase my stats by the 100s - has been exhilaratingly wonderful. Thanks guys I've enjoyed interacting with you guys immensely so much I can't wait to meet you guys personally.

Is there anything you guys would like me to write about or not write?

I can hear Vatsan jumping to say NO More Love! Now why does that remind me of Bob Marleys No Woman No Cry? Hummm

On 2 different sides of the globe I can hear Ferro and Thennavan picketing against tags!

And I can hear wonderfully sweet Jeevan telling akka anything is ok ;) Oh guys do check his latest post theres this beautiful drawing hes done nearly a replica of the original. The kid is creative I tell ya ;)

Again thanks everybody.

This was brought to you by Zeus Lightning Inc with the letters H and the number 7.

-end of script - Thats a wrap guys! ;p

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy Birthday Ran

There's another post below.

I was browsing and found out it was RAN's birthday thanks to Filter. That lusu who is of in INdia on holiday refused to tell me the date so here's the wish ;) Now I need to run ;)

Happy Birthday Ran ;)

Women 101

A simple guide to catching the catch I mean the women. Things you SHOULD NOT do. This was compiled with the help of friends ;)

1 If you reach only till the womens shoulders DO NOT approach, you will just be providing entertainment.

2 Did your dad steal the stars is the lamest pick up line, actually all lines are lame, just say Hi and introduce yourself.

3 If you're trying to catch a gals attention and she does not respond - leave it bugging will not work.

4 Stare at the eyes and no where else no matter how tempted you are.

5 Lame jokes will save you a place at the lame-o shelf of honour

6 Talking crap or not talking at all will make the gal run towards the other side of the globe faster than superman

7 The flurry attack of fluids (saliva or sweat) is NOT sexy

8 Getting directly to the point (getting the number) without even finding out the gals name is unfortunately NOT cool.

9 As loving as you are no women wants to be caressed by a total stranger unless you like having 5 finger prints implanted in your cheek.

10 Thy breath and mass shall omit nothing that would bring the dead for company.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Lets Meet? ;)

Given the blog is turning 1 very soon and I have been wanting to meet the Malaysian bloggers. I'd like to arrange one with the people who read me at least. I don't really know many Malaysian bloggers give I don't read many. Explains why I haven't attended the local ones. I also understand some people would like privacy. So I'm extending a private meet option to people who have read and commented here or have blogs but want to remain anonymous.

The rest lets pick a date and place. Location and time will be divulged through email. Just give me a buzz here if you'd like to meet ;) My emails in my profile otherwise.

Another post below ;)

(ignore read more)

Lessons Lost

I live in the most traffic prone area. There's even traffic at 3 in the morning! don't even ask about the days there's football games, you can't leave the place till the game starts. Normally I'd set my outings according to the stadiums timings but of course when its a wedding you have to attend, that won't really work.

I had made fun of my mom getting to lost on her way to the nalangu (ceremony prior to the wedding) the day before. Little did I know I'd be decked in the finest circling housing areas the very next day!

Occasionally I'm an impatient person, but you can't really blame me in this situation. We had been stuck in the same spot for some 30 mins so I decided I'd take another road. Yeah well that led to a wrong turning that left us winding through this beautiful neighbourhood. Finally got back to the road much to the amusement of my mother, and reached the wedding just as the last rituals were taking place. We thought we'd arrive while everyone was having dinner, thankfully that was not the case and we weren't the only ones! You see the great blessed cops of my country striked again and closed the only road out of our area for an hour!
Besides that - I was actually laughing at the predicament we were in. Once again I have proved I can get waylaid but never lost! Yippieeeee

It was a nice weekend - bullied the cousin bro a bit, played with this extremely cute gal who was as cuddly as a stuff toy and well behaved yet naughty just like I love children to be. The niece who I don't see enough off, who glued herself to me much to the amazement of the dad. Of course relative unrecogn syndrome striked again.

Me : Is the aunty related to us
Mom : No she's an old friend
Me : but isn't her niece married to so and so?
Mom : she is?
Me : yep
Mom : ohhhhh OOOOO

When every single relative marries out of the family and each grandparent had one 2 many siblings and children going up to double digits, I promise, you will suffer from relative unrecogn syndrome. If you need to be diagnosed please forward your enquiry to me and I shall hear out the symptoms! ;p

Clubbing... was interesting. Our table got hijacked by a bunch of very drunk and emotionally unstable bunch of couples. Yes bunch as everyone seemed to be in a break up, we left before knowing if there was gonna be a drama. Then it was time to play throw peanuts and rolled up tissue balls at each other. It was then that she walked in ......

Guy : Oh man this was what I was waiting for. (opens eyes wide)
Guy : Oh Shit! Someone wash my eyes with asid!

We all turned back to see what it was. Poor thing he had been eyeing this hot transsexual women who was pretty scantily dressed. Poor fella, really didn't know he was leaning that way ;) hehehe

Lesson of the day : thy shall not drool till thy is certain ;p
So shall I just buy the asid or help pour it for him! ;p

Friday, December 02, 2005


GP asked an interesting question some time back. What's your earliest memory.

It took me such a long time to remember what it was. I have memories of my younger days but most of it memories I created from what my parents told me.

We were then in between houses living near my grandmas. We moved a lot when I was young (under 5) particularly coz of one incident. Will write more another time.

I think I was 4. I sneaked a peek to see if the coast was clear before I took out dads priced LP records and carefully put it on the record player and danced my head off. Don't ask me what song it was, its all vague.

I don't remember tugging a bag everywhere, stealing my aunts combs and pins.

I don't remember walking everywhere with an umbrella even under the shade.

I don't remember calling Titiwangsa as papawangsa as my dad used to remind me fondly each time we passed the park.

I don't remember sneaking out of my bed while everyone was having an afternoon nap and I was supposedly supposed to be doing the same. Going to my grandmas washing machine taking soap powder and mixing it with water and then rubbing it on my face with eyes wide open. Nor do I remember making my very pregnant mom rush in shock hearing my scream that probably woke the dead.

I don't remember biting and pinching the younger fella after his birth.

I don't remember being the one dad carried all the time.

But those are sweet memories ;)

What's your first memory?

PS : A wrong script typo which led to a mostly missing blog which was followed by a server down. In 7 mins my heart nearly stopped. Damn I love this blog ;)

1 word

I got an sms asking me to describe a friend in one word. So I sent it out and have been getting such hillarious answers.

So everyone please describe me in one word. ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Its December ;)))

Ahhh its December - my most favourite time for various reasons. One of my fav posts explains why December is so bewitching.

its like an old friend meeting you after a long time and embracing you in a fit of joy
its like snuggling up in blankets, silently watching the sun set with the chill for company
its that time you look back at the year, the sad, the irritating, the joy, the wonder
The joys of celebrations, the dawn of the new year, Margazhi, Christmas - my favourite times
its like the shower of sweet rain on the walk down the untreaded path
its like the silent whisper of the wind whispering sweet nothings of the year that was
its like a childs laughter that brightens your day
its like children peeking at the circus that's just come into town
its like a childs sweet hug that lifts you over the sky
thats December to me ;)

When December comes the world glows ;)

Beach Temple

Long overdue, here are the photos from my beach trip and the beautiful temple I saw. Check my flickr account for more photos.

Port Dickson Beach

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Uyirin uyire

Sundar you're right my blog invites tag, though I totally enjoyed this one ;) Subra inspired by my previous post tagged me another set of songs.

Nalla time pass ;p

Actually I thought there was not going to be an English version but I seem to have amazed myself! There is one, though do read on your own peril and the Tamil readers please read the Tamil one first and only if possible!

Don't tell me I didn't warn you! ;p

God bless the English readers ;)

Oh yes no worries am not tagging anyone but its fun ;)

The songs have been bolded and I've added a few as well ;)

The songs

1. "Netru illatha maatram ennathu" - (Pudhiya Mugam)
2. "Thee pidikka Thee pidikka" - Arinthum Ariyaamalum
3. "Konja neram Konja neram..." - Chandramukhi
4. "Uyirin uyire.........." - Kaakha Kaakha
5. "Mayilirage Mayilirage..." - Ah Aah (or Maramkotthiye from the same film)
6. "Oru vaarthai solla oru varusham........" - Ayya
7. "Oru maalai ila veyil neram" - Ghajini

Anbe aruyireh, yen uyirin uyireh

Netru illatha maatram ennathu? Ipdhi yennai uruga veikiraiyeh thunga mudiyah villai annal neriya sapdhurehn irava pagalla teriyahmal

oru maalai ila veyil neram - unnai nair kadai bus stopleh sandithene

andru nee ennai paathu poda poriki sohnaiyeh - naan Thee pidikka Thee pidikka sohnehne

apoh nair kadehrlenthu Tea vandhathe! Telephone mani phol sirithaiyeh

ithudan kadai mudinthathunu ninaithen - annal manadhin oorathil nair kadai nyavagam thinamum un pinnal bambaramai tirindhen

Oru vaarthai solla oru varusham kathirundhen pohle oru varadham kalithu nee Mayilirage Mayilirage enna vandhaiyeh -

Mandhu kudhitha ehn idhayam dabarnu udainthu ponathe

pakathil unthan daddy

konja neram konja neram ehnna un daddy alaika nahnum aiiii mamanar vaazhga enna vara -

kumbahlodhu govinda-vaaga ennai chapathi akivitargal undan naasam pohna annan margal

indru naan oru kadidham eluthinehn

anbe adhikira kai than anaikum-nu vathiyar paadam katukudutadai nyavagam vaitu

manathil uruthi vendum enna yositu

mindum un pinnal sutta yirukum

general hospital bed irunthu udaidha kal kaiyudan

un anbu kadhala

nair kadai bus stop poriki (nee vaitha chella per)

viraivil ungel arugilulla theaterile adigal udhan release agum..... toink toink toink ;p

Now the scary english one ;)

My dear sweetheart

what is this change I feel? How have you made my heart melt like this? Sleep has gone but eating is still there night or day I don't seem to care

one fine evening - I saw you at the chay dabba bus stop

then you told me go away rascal - I said Thee and the Dabba owner thought Tea and handed me a chai - laugh u did like the phones ring

I thought it was the end - though I did nick the corner of my heart with an altar for you

daily my work was solely to fiddle around you

1 year I waited for your golden words - that day you came peacock feather like

as quickly as my heart sprang in joy - it fell flat at the sight of your dad

come here for awhile he beckoned - overjoyed the father in law came calling I went

alas it was to make chapati out of me

today I write this letter

my school master used to say the hand that beats cares thinking that and with passion in my heart I promise dear to solemnly follow you still

from the general hospital with broken legs and hand

your darling lover

chai dabba rascal (the sweet name you call me)

more beatings to come soon in a theater near you ..... toink toink toink ;p

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Short Story

Now if the english translation sounds crappie don't shoot me. Since a few of my readers aren't Tamil speaking I better be nice and post it in English.

Also the funny lines (in english some of it is funny i think) are actually song lyrics - some of my fav lyrics from my fav tamil songs ;) To make things easier the lyrics are bolded and worry not collected them from lyric websites ;)

Disclaimer : been collecting the song lyrics, was wondering how to post athan ;)

avan mulichi mulichi paathan ival kannorahmal pathal
he stared in awe, she peeked from the corner of her eyes
paarvaigal pudhidhaa sparisangal pudhidhaa mazhai vara boomi maruppadhenna?
New are those glances, newer are these touches, so why is the rain refusing to shower earth

Kadhaliyeh ....
kaadhalil avasthai, Ethirikkum vaendaam, Naraga sugam allavaa,
I wouldn't wish the torture that is love even for an enemy, pleasurable pain this is

nuniviral kondu orumuRai theeNda nooRu muRai piRandhiruppaen
Your one touch, and I'll be born a million times

Irandhu mananggal...
Both hearts...
kaadhalil undaagum sugam ippoadhu marappoam
We shall bask in the joy that is love

Unnai vida indha ulagathil osandhadhu oNNum illai
unnai vida oru uRavunnu sollikoLLa yaarumillai evarumillai

There's nothing greater than you in this world
there's no one I call mine than you no one but you

kadisiyil avan amma paatha ponnu, aval mamma paiyan .... Toink toink toink ;p
At the end, he married the moms choice, she the uncles son ..... Toink toink toink


I see!

Take a look at this image - can you see what I see ;)

And it grows into another pose in the next shot - someone likes to play football! ;)

Monday, November 28, 2005


After lots of emotional blackmail from my friend, yesterday I went to 1u for lunch with him. I hadn't seen this ex colleague for ages. Given that its a 64 km journey to and fro I never go there, so I decided to make it a shopping trip as well. I had arrived earlier to shop and seeing my bag my friend decided he should follow me shopping.

That's when my internal alarms went berserk.

Me : why don't we go to the pharmacy first then you can go back.
He : no no we'll shop for you first.
Me : (no no I don't want to shop with u will you please go) oh okk
He : wanna go there?
Me : oh not really .... You know you don't need to follow me I take a long time and I'll be ok you have to go see your grandma right?
He : ohh ok then

Yes I literally chased my friend away in the politest way. Told him in code I don't want to shop with ya. I love to shop alone no rephrase that I can only shop alone. Alright I can shop with the family but that's more coz I'm used to it and dad used to sit at a bench while mom and I went from floor to floor and only met us when it was time to pay. Or saree shopping (given I don't have to try it but I do take a long time to choose), come to think of it dad was pretty calm given the daughter is such a fussy pot!

But I cannot shop for my own clothes with someone, I can follow a person shopping but just not for myself. I LOVE shopping alone. The thing is I love my own company, shopping is not the only thing I do alone. I've been sleeping alone since I was 5, I'm pretty independent and I just love having the bed to myself.

You Are a Skin Deep Sweetheart

You may be supermodel gorgeous or a plain Jane.
It really doesn't matter, because you're confident and secure.
You don't go out looking like a slob, but you are low maintenance.
You have better things to worry about than whether your nails are the right shade!

At least once every 2 weeks I have to be just alone, no friends, no family but I'd go out alone. I'd watch a movie and have a nice dinner at some nice restaurant giving me time to think and just not talk. Sometimes I even decline friends invitation to go out to have my alone time. Even lunch time when those empty conversations seem too unbearable. Given the only relationship I've been in was long distance for a long time, I've never tested the other half theory really. Would I kick the person away every other week just to spend time with myself? Gee I sound so like a man! ;p Probably explains the result below.

You Have Your PhD in Men

You understand men almost better than anyone.
You accept that guys are very different, and you read signals well.
Work what you know about men, and your relationships will be blissful.

I can even travel alone - take my last trip to India was basically alone. Of course it has its advantage and disadvantages. Advantages were, you don't have weird travel partners, no weird boring conversations, no having to skip a place coz someone didn't want to go nor having to leave the peace you were just enjoying. The disadvantages would be no one to share the beauty of a place with, getting stuck in lousy longer modes of travel coz you don't really have an option. Take the time I was in Coimbatore and went up Marudamalai alone. I had to wait on a stupid bus coz the taxi was charging 200 rupees just to go up that short distance. Please bare in mind I'm a bonafied miser I won't spend on things that aren't worth in the quality sense. So would have been nice to share that with somebody. There's also a safety concern, so I can't do an alone travel stint everywhere and given I was familiar with India and had friends around so it wasn't really a safety concern.

So there is this aloneness that I enjoy. Its being alone by choice, which is totally different from loneliness. Its a sense of comfort with oneself, though I do realise not everyone can do it. Some people are often shocked when I tell them I was out alone. Given how much I go out with friends, they're often confused why I wanna be alone. Its a joy I tell ya.

There was this episode on the sitcom Mad about you where they both decided to sleep separately and where loving it until people poked their noses in and decided they were having a tough time. Weird isn't it how people perceive alone and lonely as the same thing.

Anyone else enjoys being alone?

Friday, November 25, 2005


You know how we complain Indian movies are laden with masala - unbelievable situations solved through outrages methods. Come now how can we say that!

Actually most Asian movies are like that. No point in generalising one nation lets generalise all of them, I tell ya. Lets take a look at some of the similarities.

@ Actors and actresses flying about doing superhuman antics while claiming to be only human.

@ The Indians romance around trees - the Chinese over tree tops.

@ Hero can still fight, jump around and even win fights while having multiple stabs or bullet wounds yet when heroine dabs medicine on small wound he yelps.

@ They break into songs, change costumes and synchronise dance moves and its not even a dream.

@ If you're in love you can sew up a wound, even with hair!

@ You fall in love with the first guy you meet.

@ Women are helpless and only know how to sing smile and stay pretty, and will wait to be saved by sitting stupidly inside a wagon/ car hanging our a cliff, till saved by hero.

@ The thinnest hero beats up 10 men 3 times his size with nary a scratch!

@ The villain always gives a lecture long enough to give hero enough time to escape and put us to sleep.

@ The villain with the gun always loses to the hero who has a knife sticking out his back.

@ The most savvy street smart women turns pulp and bimboish when the hero is around.

@ The hero never dies if he ever does he gives one heck of a speech while vomiting buckets of blood, with an arrow or 2 sticking out, or covered in few inches of snow.

That's all I can think off. Anyone with more? ;)

What a wonderful cinema world!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Love ....

Its all around me ;)

My friends that is!

My bunch of friends seem to be caught in love spells.

One's fallen head over heels on this gal and freaked out so much he's turning into Chandler ;p

Then another's in this destiny meets love story. The others well we'll leave it for now ;)

The thing about new love is, everyone turns blushy and grin sheepishly at the slightest memory. This I tell you is the best time to poke, make fun and be merry. Every opportunity available I've been bullying the friends and watching them blush has become the latest fad.

Me : awwww you're in love.
Friends : no I'm not its too new.
Me : Yeah so? Look at you
Friends : what what I'm normal
Me : your dressing has changed, you're in a daze, you're .....
Friends : hey ehlam poi - I haven't changed - nee kathai udathe
Me : talking less.... Enna kathai look at you smilling non stop
Friends : i love to smile
Me : ohhh this is how you smile right - wide grin and blushing non stop
Friends : podi nee vohlehreh (you're making no sense)
Me : so did the darling call?
Friends : (gives that smile) hhehe oh yeah
Me : see you're smilling that way again
Friends : grrr will you stop it
Me : hehehe awwwww stop what - telling the truth?
Friends : grrr

saelai moodum ilanjoalai maalai soodum malarmaalai irubadhu nilavugal nagamengum olividum ilamaiyin kanavugal vizhiyoaram thulirvidum @

Isn't love sweet? ;)

ps : excuse me this is my friends story no discussion about me! ;p


First I have no idea how I missed Sundars birthday on the 17th. Sorry and A big belated wish to ya ;) You haven't told us what the kid got ya ;)

And today's Yours Truly's birthday ;) Happy Birthday dear ;)

So guys go there and wish them will ya ;)

Again I'm updating my birthday list - please leave your birthday dates here if you haven't before ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thy infinite gifts

I was wondering what to post for my 500th post when Uma rekindled thoughts of one of my favourite poets.

Rabindranath Tagore.

ps : there's another post below ;)

I never knew Tagore till I first heard a concert of his Bengal poems

I was intrigued by the beauty of emotions expressed in the music of a language I didnt comprehend

Later on I was introduced to his wonders - and I was sold for infinity

My most favourite quote from his works -
Thy infinite gifts come to me only on these very small hands of mine

Out of his excuisite poems these are my favourites.

In Art, man reveals himself and not his objects.


Lips' language to lips' ears.
Two drinking each other's heart, it seems.
Two roving loves who have left home,
pilgrims to the confluence of lips.
Two waves rise by the law of love
to break and die on two sets of lips.
Two wild desires craving each other
meet at last at the body's limits.
Love's writing a song in dainty letters,
layers of kiss-calligraphy on lips.
Plucking flowers from two sets of lips
perhaps to thread them into a chain later.
This sweet union of lips is the red marriage-bed of a pair of smiles.


The sleep that flits on baby's eyes--does anybody know from where it comes?
Yes, there is a rumour that it has its dwelling where, in the fairy village among shadows of the forest dimly lit with glow-worms, there hang two shy buds of enchantment. From there it comes to kiss baby's eyes.

The smile that flickers on baby's lips when he sleeps - does anybody know where it was born?
Yes, there is a rumour that a young pale beam of a crescent moon touched the edge of a vanishing autumn cloud, and there the smile was first born in the dream of a dew-washed morning--the smile that flickers on baby's lips when he sleeps.

The sweet, soft freshness that blooms on baby's limbs--does anybody know where it was hidden so long? Yes, when the mother was a young girl it lay pervading her heart in tender and silent mystery of love--the sweet, soft freshness that has bloomed on baby's limbs.


I touch God in my song as the hill touches the far-away sea with its waterfall.
The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.
Let my love, like sunlight, surround you and yet give you illumined freedom.
Love remains a secret even when spoken, for only a lover truly knows that he is loved.

Emancipation from the bondage of the soil is no freedom for the tree.
In love i pay my endless debt to thee for what thou art.


Have you not heard his silent steps? He comes, comes, ever comes.
Every moment and every age, every day and every night he comes, comes, ever comes.

Many a song have I sung in many a mood of mind, but all their notes have always proclaimed, `He comes, comes, ever comes.'
In the fragrant days of sunny April through the forest path he comes, comes, ever comes.
In the rainy gloom of July nights on the thundering chariot of clouds he comes, comes, ever comes.
In sorrow after sorrow it is his steps that press upon my heart,
and it is the golden touch of his feet that makes my joy to shine

"I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times,
In life after life, in age after age forever.
My spell-bound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs
That you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms
In life after life, in age after age forever."

Tell me if this all be true, my lover, tell me if this be true.
When those eyes flash their lightning the dark clouds in your breasts make stormy answer.
Is it true that my lips are sweet like the opening bud of the first conscious love?

Do the memories of vanished months of May linger in my limbs?
Does the earth, like a harp, shiver into songs with the touch of my feet?
Is it then true that the dewdrops fall from the eyes of night when I am seen,
and the morning light is glad when it wraps my body round?
Is it true, is it true, that your love traveled alone through ages and worlds in search of me?

That when you found me at last, your age-long desire found utter
peace in my gentle speech and my eyes and lips and flowing hair?

Is it then true that the mystery of the Infinite is written on
this little forehead of mine? Tell me, my lover, if all this be true?


When I was in my first year at Univ, I stayed at a hostel on campus though my house was just in the town area and drove a bike. How I got the bike was pretty interesting.

I spent 2 years at school protesting for a bike by walking to school in the hopes of getting one. Alas all I got was exercise and the occasional idiot who got poked with my umbrella.

Then one fine day, halfway through the semester of cycling and walking around our huge campus, I call mom and am told I'm getting a bike.

Mom : we're getting you a bike.
Me : this is 94* **** right?
Mom : huh
Me : This is Mr Manikams house and you're the wife right?
Mom : areh vangeh poreh ( you're gonna get a slap)
Me : Oh amma

I must confess I used to love driving fast (I've gotten sick of driving now) ;) Again I am no saint, I used to race friends from one street to the other when the coast was clear. The moment we identified a friend on the streets we'd start racing.

So now there was this stupid roundabout in the campus which was really small and such a time waste. Given the place was all one way, I never understood why the roundabout was there. Nevertheless when there was no traffic no one took the roundabout.

Now the place had weird security guards who'd go around chasing students walking on the grass or us bikers. They just wanted to prove their power and we had a nick for each one, can't remember though ;)

It was the last days of our hostel stay and the roomie and I decided to once and for all decide who was the queen of the hostel and raced from our hostel. Reaching our final stop, I finally realised she was missing, I had sped of without looking back.

One minute I thought she had fallen btu then we don't drive like maniacs, then I got a suspicion she must have got caught by those guards. I slowed traced back my steps and there she was talking to one of the security guards. I joined her right after he left and we laughed our heads off after she narrated her story. Here's what happened.

He : wait wait
She : err oh ok
He : you didn't take the roundabout!!!!
She : (ops) no no I took
He : No you didn't don't lie!
She : No sir I took really
He : you come now and drive near the roundabout and I'll show you didn't take it
She : errr (huh) no no I took

Othakaalluleh ninna avah antha roundaboutah edhukulehnu ;p

Wouldn't she take the roundabout under his watchful eyes? Lol he must have thought it was a rewind button. Yes this was a true story - someone did think life was a rewind button!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

50,000, 10, 5

I got shot by a tag courtesy Raju. The first glance at the 10 made me nearly jump out of my chair, luckily it wasn't a 10x10 tag. I've done tag 3, tag 7, tag book, tag 5, tag life, tag tree now tag everything ;p ada raama

Oh interestingly last night someone became my 50,000th visitor ;) and I'm 2 posts away from my 500th post ;)

10 favorites:

Favorite Season: We don't have seasons here but love December - cold and snuggly ;)
Favorite Sport : Football
Favorite Time: Sunset
Favorite Month: December
Favorite Actor: Rajini (Raju oreh oppositea illeh?)
Favorite Actress: Jothika
Favorite Icecream: Vanilla with caramel and hotfudge ;p
Favorite Food: Anything extra Spicy
Favorite Drink: Milo
Favorite Place: KL

9 currents:

Current Feeling: Bliss
Current O/S: Windows XP 2002
Current Windows open: Eudora, Lotus word, explorer
Current Drink: Water
Current Time: 9. 33 AM
Current Mobile(s) used: Nokia 6260
Current show on TV: At work but yesterday was Everybody loves Raymond .
Current Thought: How long is this tag?
Current Cloth: Silver top, black pants

8 Firsts:

First nick: Umbrella gal (will tell the story another day)
First kiss: The kiss of life? Ehhehehe
First crush: Cowboys, from western movies ;p hehehe
First computer: An apple (can't remember the model but it was in 1990 i think)
First vehicle I drove: Iswara - Driving school at 17
First job: Accounts Exec at 17 while waiting for my results
First movie I watched on Pulse Global's Print: I have no idea too
First pet: and only pet my dog browny :(
First shave (men)/Hairstyle (women): When I was 3 months old ;p

7 lasts:

Last chai (tea): I don't drink tea maybe chinese tea that too would be at the company dinner last August
Last movie: Harry Porter 4
Last time I drove: This morning
Last time shaved (men) / Beauty parlor visit (women): In April
Last website visited: My email
Last software installed: Reprogrammed my pc in May
Last pill I had: Asprin last night having the flu for 2 weeks now - I get well then get sick the moment i get back to the office since everyones having it as well

6 Have you evers:

Have you ever broken the law: yes crossing red, illegal u turns ;p (I am no saint)
Have you ever been drunk: Nope
Have you ever climbed a tree: I can't climb big trees only ones with low branches
Have you ever kissed someone you didnt know: yes lots of babies - strangers children
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: No.
Have you ever broken anyone's heart: Truth or Dare -ill take dare ;)

5 Things:

Things you can hear right now: The radio playing chinese songs, and some car driving pass.
Things on your computer table: dear god here goes - files, lots of paper, calendar, the phone staionary, my water mug, diary, car keys, saline, name cards, a bulldog, diskettes, the mouse, a ganesha and this pretty case that came as a christmas gift and lots of scenery shots adorning my cubicle - oh yes theres coal (seriously we placed it to absorb that weird smell that was choking us few weeks back)
Things on your bed: the radio, my mobile (goes everywhere with me) books on the rack and pillows
Things you ate today: nothing rarely take breakfast ;) (please don't give me the breakfast lecture I am not a morning person case close)
Things in mind: How long is this? Why hasn't the lusu replied my mail is my email down again groan ;p

4 places you have been today:

err its morning
the highway
trunk road

3 people you can tell anything to:

theres 4 ppl ;)

2 choices

Black or white: Black
Hot or cold: cold

1 thing you want to do before you die:

Find this tag creater and tag him 100 tags ;p

I took less than 30 mins to do this while doing other things as well ;) Not bad huh ;)

Well am not missing on tagging someone. Muahhaah

I'm tagging Jeevan, Vijay and Filter - hehehehe

Monday, November 21, 2005

Busy Visy

The week has been pretty busy. Every evening I seemed to be somewhere.

Client dinner party on Monday, dinner with friends Tuesday, Chicken Little on Wednesday (Do watch its a nice movie), Shopping and the huge missing car drama on Thursday. Reaching home daily in time for my current favourite Anandakannan Sandhya/ Anisha team.

Then Saturday I'm driving back from work when friend insists I join for tea. That was a very interesting tea session, from erratic men acting like weirdos and weirder pants yielding maddies. One guy stood transfixed with the weirdest smile while trying to take some packed food on our table. Pretty shocking to suddenly see only a hand appear in front of ya, that to a nervous one. The mad beggar who decided his pants might get wet in the rain, so he took it off on a bustling street. The kid who was giving us lovey dovey looks at 3. Imagine him when he turns 20? God save the world! The waiter flashing personal smiles and lingering way too long at our table. Being stuck in a shop for hours coz of the rain, pretty nice. The appam in the rain - new recipe they drench it in rain water first! ;p

The possessive boyfriend who stood guard metres away while the girlfriend picked her food. The green kurta gal who walked by our table 7 times eyeing one of our guy friends or the black dress gal who went by 3 times. Being informed I was seen on some dance competition on tv, which to my knowledge I never took part in hummm or my guy friend who drew imaginary kolams on the table when we teased him on his new love. The kaaleh kolam pohdrathu becoming so old fashioned!

I imagine how people would describe our group - The loud group, with boisterous laughter I presume.

Gigling like school girls at a friends house before I rushed off for my double date with Harry Porter and another friend. The 5th time this week I gave the love commitment talk while ootufying (teasing) all the valiyuhraning (blushing) going on. Oh yes the movie is wonderful, a must watch at the theater kind.

The Sunday morning shock to find my favourite sunday morning breakfast joint of 16 years totally changed, with my favourite vendors no where to be seen. Catching the replay of the dance competition program on our local tv - pretty entertaining I tell ya. Dragging a friend out to house hunt, so she won't move back into that jungle in the middle of nowhere. I'm selfish I love spending time with her, the jungle would limit that. Now if only I can drill how selfish I am into her, and have her stop saying thanks. Again the same waiter smiles and lingers around our table a tad bit longer. Ahem we have secrets to discuss, tanjore boy.

Interesting week I tell ya ;)

The Joke of the day was the car, me and nature.

Somehow everytime I decide to wash the car, it rains cats and dogs, cocker spaniels and Persians to be precise. I cleared up the car and was about to head in to get a magazine. When I looked skywards to find clouds gathering right above the car. The moment I got in the beautiful weather turned into a stormy attack of water. So much for washing!

Anyone wants rain tell me, I'll wash my car! ;p

PS : Tittle courtesy GP

Saturday, November 19, 2005


kaadhal kamathin pinbum munbum thindi thindi urasum ore inbam

Kaadhal Punnidamanadhu....... saayham vehlukum varai

ps : Ohnum illeh - impromptu thatuvam from a conversation with friends ;)

Kiddos birthday

Yes sirrie its the teenager I call Kiddo's Birthday

The kid we've all grown to love with his hillarious kadis ;p

happy Birthday to u
happy Birthday to u
happy Birthday to Harishhhhhhhhhhhhh
happy Birthday to u


Friday, November 18, 2005

Honey I lost....

......the car.

Could probably sum up last nights drama. Or an even better title would be

Parking lot Mayhem.

It was a scene out of a movie, the chasing, the lookout, the tension, the madness.

Ok ok lets start from the beginning. It was another day in typical Kuala Lumpur. My friend wanted to go shopping and I agreed to follow.

Normally we'd meet at royal (we christened it that ;p) and go in one car since that parking lot is midground from both our working places and homes.

Crime Scene : Midvalley

However here's where the twist of the story begins. Since we moved to the new office, we constantly get kicked out when the boss wants to go back, it was one of those days. So I told her I'd go first and meet her there.

Picked up my prized Harry Porter tickets so I wouldn't have to go early on Saturday and was walking around looking for that dress my friend wanted. Then I headed for he ladies.

Suddenly I shrieked. No it wasn't all a dream.

Visi.!! I turned back to see my friend standing at the entrance of the loo. Somehow coincidentally we headed to the same loo at this huge mall at the same time! Whoa right

After more than 2 hours we found this gorgeous dress and accessories. Hunt accomplished, we headed for dinner where we actually helped them close since we were the 2nd last people to leave.

Since my parking was the nearest, I told her I'd drop her at her car. Little did we know thats easier said then done. My car was parked at the area near the cinema theater. The parking lot spirals upwards to 11 levels. So we started driving to the 2nd floors, it was supposed to be at level 2a but the car wasn't there. Then the 3rd floors again - it wasn't there. Then we went to the 4th, 3rd, 5th, 3rd again 4th again There wasn't a single similar model of her car in the whole place!

By then we had already freaked out. I was still calm (I panic after its all over very weird I tell ya) and just hoping we'd find the car somehow. The car was brand new, she hadn't even paid her first month payment! We did joke acting if the car was just elusive. I was still calm on the outside, inside I was wondering how I was gonna console her if it was really missing.

But you can't leave the lot without a parking ticket I consoled myself, and I think would creep in here and there.

Me : you know once I lost my ticket and had to call security they came and checked if we owned the car before letting us go after paying the fine.
She : ohhh so no way the car can go missing?
Me : uh uhhuh (god I hope so)

She : you know if I don't find the car I'm gonna jump out (we were on the 5th floor)
Me : (quickly locking the car) Shut up! (I get a killer stare)

Me : eh I think you saw 5 as 2la.
She : Maybe

the cars not there and before we panic....

Me : hey there's a 6th floor, I didn't know
she : hey yalah, poor car it must be missing me. You know normally we go to our separate cars when we take different cars....
Me : Shut up don't bring the coincidence crap
She : oi I meant otherwise I'll be walking alone.
Me : oh okay

We reach the 6th floor - there was no cars and no more floors. I was breathing huge gulps of air by now to calm myself and trying to think fast and nearly convinced it was gone

Me : eh did you park at the basement ah?
She : err is it like this
Me : something like that - you wanna call security?
She : we try there first then call security?

So we decided to retrace her steps. We drove out (me praying like mad in the heart that we'd find it) and she didn't recognise the place. (in my heart : yayyyyyyy she did park somewhere else)

we drove in to another entrance and she gets excited.

She : hey its this one I remember this part yes its this.

1st floor, no car, 2nd floor no car, 2a........GOTTTTTTTTTTTT CAR!!!!!!!!

I shrieked in excitement - my heart started beating so fast - the car was not stolen! Oh my god we found the car after more than an hour! The guy who was getting into the next car must have thought we were mad. (the windows were winded down you see). We hugged and celebrated and thanked every god we knew ;p

Explanation : that particular Midvalley parking section breaks of in the middle at 3 floors so thats how we missed the car I was rounding G while it was at H though once you reach the 4th floor they're all connected together!

Case closed. Problem solved.

Tsh Tsh I have such an exciting life! ;p

PS : Ecliptic has been updated with the Deepavali Kolam I had been talking about.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The unblind

Ever met a blind person on the streets? Have you seen how street smart they are? Truthfully I think we're more blind then the blind. We see yet act as we had not seen from the smallest to the biggest issues.

The blind are a resourceful lot, confident and never viewing their sightlessness as a disadvantage. Once I had taken a bus from my town into KL. This is about a 2 hour journey as the bus would snake through every area in our town. At one stop this blind lady climbed in and the bus conductor guided her in and as the seat next to me was empty and the nearest to the exit, I got up and guided her to the seat.

Now the bus stops at numerous points along the way some in the route some not the usual stops. All the while she sat calmly with a sweet smile on her face. As we were reaching a traffic light a few kms before the final stop. She turns to me and asks will the bus stop at CM first?

I was astonished she knew where we were. My guess was she had been counting the stops but then we had made some extra stops as well. I told her it should stop I'll ring the bell for you.

When I inquired where she was going, she tells me shes taking the train. I offered to take her to the train station but she said she'd be ok so I offered to help her cross the road instead. She agreed on that. After crossing the road she thanked me and started walking towards the station. I waited to see in case she walked the wrong way. However she knew exactly which direction to walk!

Often in movies they're shown stumbling or able to walk in a prearranged well familiar location only. And there was this women travelling alone in a bus then train in a chaotic environment. Pretty inspiring now if we the non blind will just see properly for once!

Ecliptic another image

Come on!!!!!

You know how we love Ferrari's He-she series? Well looks like someone loves it enough to plagiarize!

Its sad to see people plagiarize other peoples post. It hasn't happened for some time now. Looks like someone's back at it.

Check this post and then look at this post by Ferrari.

Come on Kris - write your own stuff. If it was a forward you should have written that clearly instead you said it was your friends conversation!

PS : I did comment he had commented on the post but I got the wrong Kris so am correcting myself here.

(ignore read more)

Sweet ;)

I came online to book Harry Porter Tickets for Saturday since booking seem to vanish by the time I check in to work. Logged into Venkittu sir's blog and clicked this link. And for once got to listen to someone sing. YOu see I can't download programs enabling me to listen to the audiblogs but this one was attainable thanks to Winamp.

Awww its just beautiful. Love the rendition by Anand. Just beautiful ;)

Pity the guy sitting 2 pcs away, he's had to listen to the same song being played non stop for more than an hour. lol ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Idly Mauvu to the Revenge

Remember the birthday cake post. Well I had made 2 teachers the victim that year and despite it being a collaborative plan, I was the one blamed for all the splattering. I gladly took the blame by the way ;p

Anyway I had travelled with them to India with a bunch of friends in December 2002.

We were in Kerala and on our way back from Thrivandrum after some sight seeing, on towards this rubber estate called Muttara where we were staying. I'm still amazed by the people and the beauty of the place. Interestingly there is not even a single mosquito in that place, will write more later. It was the afternoon before my birthday. Suddenly they stopped at this row of shops and 3 of them went to the shops. Upon returning they fumbled outside with a package and that very moment I knew they had bought a cake. So there was gonna be a surprise party hummm, but I decided not to spoil their fun and kept quiet.

As we were leaving Muttara the next morning, they made us climb this huge stone hill in the centre of the village. I have never climbed a hill in a punjabi suit, well..... theres a first for everything. The hill was naturally cut in a way you could climb without using climbing gears though there weren't any steps leading upwards. The view up there was just gorgeous. The hill looks like a huge silinder. Anyway we got back down after watching the sun set and a few of us decided to go to another town to see another teacher.

We rushed home when we realised we had promised to cook a Malaysian noodle for our hosts that evening. Got back to find 2 sleepy kids waiting for us coz it was quite late. By the time we cooked, cleaned and had dinner it was past midnight and I started wondering when the cake was gonna show. I was getting ready to go to bed (we had an early morning) when someone called me and the cake was brought out.

A few of the family friends were there too. Of course the moment I cut the cake it landed on my face. So thinking all was done I went to wash my face, little did I know they had other things in store. Came out and boom!

A splatter of idly mauvu hit my face. What the!!

And then mauvu started flying from everywhere, the father, son, checi, ammu kutty - everyone was having fun turning me into a white ghost. Of course I let them and just stood there while they enjoyed the sight. Plan Idly mauvu revenge was about to take place, I snickered to myself. Actually I was silently collected Idly mauvu and then "dishum"

I started plastering everyone. There we were in the middle of the night screaming our heads off, me in broken malayalam, and everyone else in malayalam, and a word or 2 in english in a normally serene estate and running around the house. The innocent cheta who had been invited got plastered too, much to his surprise and cries of "thale". I made sure I wasn't the only white ghost there and no one escaped the mauvu attack.

Of course they said not fair to which I replied did you really think I'd stand quietly and not attack?

Around 2am, the house were filled with victims of war, looking really weird in thickening mauvu. The son my darling there was the hardest hit victim coz he did hit me the most. We sat down laughing looking at each other and I told them I already knew about the cake but didn't know about the idly mauvu.

Unakkehlam poi surprise party, cheh evlo plan pahnum teriuhma.

Sigh I was a mess, my hair looked like einstein only white from idly mauvu. we had less than 3 hours to sleep, and there I was trying to wash myself off the mauvu so as not to stink like pulichipohna mauvu.

But it was total fun wouldn't change a thing ;)

* idly mauvu - flour batter

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Of Rain and Wind Gods

There is a post, a life tag and most importantly I've updated my other blog.

Go check Ecliptic Meridian for new kolam photo ;)

Oh yes I think this frequent blog posting is a Malaysian trait Check out the list of bloggers who've crossed the 1000 post mark. I'm nearing half way if ure wondering ;p


Oh yes I'm tagging Filter this one. Revenge is so sweet ;p Muahahaha

Oh yes Vijay tagged this on me.

This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz


Interestingly on my Jollu post, Sundar had commented on my threat to my city. What if I flooded the city, funds with be so hard to collect.

erkanave lousiana muzhigiduththu

adhu podadhunnu chennaiye midiakkudhu

ippo selangorum midhakkanuma ?

nivarana nidhi thiratti kattupadi aagadhumma.

That evening it rained so heavily, thunder was just unbelivablely loud, the wind was a tyrant laughing at its victims. I didn't have an umbrella with me but was confident I could dash to the car which was just a few metres away. An opportunity to play in the rain voluntarily. My colleague refused to let me go and insisted on going to her car and getting back. Of course she got wet like I said she would fighting with the wind to get in and out her car. The wind decided it was play time and blew wilder trying to steal the umbrella. She got back to me half wet and we stood staring at the lashing rains.

That's when we remembered rains translate to traffic we should leave immediately. So off we braced ourselves towards our cars. I got there without getting wet that was until the umbrella needed to be closed. The wind refused to see its favourite toy be kept away and I got drenched fighting the war of the umbrellas.

Then began my journey through the dark foreboding enchanting forest. Err sorry sidetracked, actually it looked like that what with the flooded roads and toppled tree branches. Since I did love my car, I'd stop and watch other cars move before venturing into the slightly flooded roads. I had no plan of getting stuck in a halted car. Next we had to maneuver through branches that had strategically fallen in between both sides of the road with enough space for one car to pass through. Weird but true. I tell ya the rain and wind gods were having a ball.

So Sundar can predict the future! Hummm reminds me of the que sera song?

Will I be rich? Will I be famous? Here's what he said to me????

Errr predictions please ;p