Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Trains - the heartbeat of Mumbai

"Trains are the heartbeat of Mumbai."

Thats what i had heard before I went to Mumbai. So it was one of the things I wanted to check out while travelling there. 

With an estimated city population of 18.4 million, it is the most populated city in India and the 9th most in the world. 

Without an efficient train system, the city could go on standstill just with human traffic. 

We headed to the Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus or CST in Colaba at off peak hours to try to catch a local city train. Peak hours in Mumbai are crazy, people literary hang out of trains and I didn't want to try that.

I had already checked the map and the nearest station i was headed to was in Dader which is 13.5 km away from Colaba. 

They had electronic ticket machines but you needed to buy a card for that. The gruffy ticket officer gave me 4 tickets at rs 5 each (RM0.32). i was shocked, that's super cheap. 

We asked around and got into our train. i asked the lady sitting next to me, if she could point out our destination so we dont miss our stop. i didn't even have to do that, there were electronic displays in the train that would flash the next stations name sometime before we arrived. For the most populated city in the country, the trains were spick, span clean and comfortable to sit in. 

We arrived in Dader in about 30 minutes. the trip would have cost RS350 by taxi and at least 1 hours travel time with traffic and signals.

Later someone told me I could have gotten a direct train to Bandra, where i actually wanted to go. 

it made me think of our own public transportation. 

One, it isnt well connected 
Two - its expensive
Three - it takes longer to travel in than drive. 

Our public transport infrastructure seriously lacks in many ways. The LRT is pretty convenient if you live close to the stations. However for folks living in outskirt towns, we're stuck with the super slow and unreliable KTM. for some there is the option of taking the ERL to KL Sentral but at exorbitant prices of RM9.50 per way! Can someone explain to me why this ride costs so much? The trains are barely filled even at peak hours due to the high cost. 

While i'm hoping the upcoming MRT Projects will make a difference, none of it will matter if it is too expensive. 

While i don't think we should have RM0.30 tickets, we do need cost effective solutions, if the government is sincerely looking into making Malaysians more receptive to public transport. 

If I lived in Mumbai, I wouldn't need a car. I could take a train everywhere and use the auto (tuk tuk) to travel around an area. he cost was just Rs 20 - 30 (RM 1.40 - RM2) for a few kilometres. 

That brings me to the question of taxi's. Some LRT station taxis charge exorbitant amounts for short distances. What would have been an RM5 ride often turns into double the amount. 

So the question is how do you encourage people to take public transport when the cost of travel isn't being accounted for?

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Monday, September 14, 2015

How much are you willing to change?

Anang Malaysia sebaka tebu, manis di pohon, tawal di hujung” - Tun Jugah @ Temenggung Jugah

“Malaysia should not be like the sugar cane, sweet at the head and getting less and less sweet towards the end – Tun Jugah”

Wise words by a very wise man.

Tun Jugah was a very interesting man. Despite being illiterate, he valued education and pushed for it for his community – the Ibans. He was key to Sarawak uniting with Sabah and Malaya to form Malaysia.

To me Malaysia is still sweet despite everything going on now but perhaps hardened from all that’s happening; the sweetness is now getting harder to reach.

We need to remember that we are different. Each state, each culture values something different. We need to remember to take these into account in everything we do and not marginalise people for being different. Our thoughts and needs are different but at the end of the day, we are all Malaysians.

Let’s not forget that.

idup ka nyawa dulu. Udah urat tegap, baru kitai ulih bejaku – Temenggung Jugah
Give life to yourself first. Once your foundation is solid, then you can talk and act.’ – Tun Temenggung Jugah

Indeed how can we expect change when we won’t make changes to ourselves?

Let’s change how we treat others especially those who are lower in status than us. How about you say thank you for a change and make their day? Write as many thank you notes for great service, encourage people to be better.

Let’s change our attitude that someone else will do it. Be that someone who doesn’t litter, doesn’t drive like a maniac, who calls in to report accidents, suspicious characters, faulty roads, broken pipes, malfunctioning street and parking lights. The people in charge can’t be everywhere, but you can make a difference by aiding them with information.  

Let’s change our attitude towards stereotypes. How about we stop judging people just by their race and attire? How about we give people a chance to prove themselves? How about we instil these values into our children and watch how we behave in front of them. Children learn from example, so think carefully what kind of example you are setting for them.

Let’s change our attitude towards responsibility. Your duty as a citizen doesn’t stop at the voting booth, push your Adun and MP for the changes you want. Don’t idealise them, make them stand up for you when it matters.

Let’s change our attitude towards corruption. Stop giving bribes. Stop buying stolen items. No matter how small it is, you’re aiding corruption and little by little you become a part of the problem and not the solution.

Change begins with the man in the mirror – so how much are you willing to change?

This Malaysia day, ask yourselves that.

Happy Birthday Malaysia and to all Malaysians, Happy Malaysia Day.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jalur Gemilang

In our household, we have always put up the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian flag) for Merdeka (Independence Day) which will be left to fly proudly till after Malaysia Day before it’s finally kept away for the next year. And we wouldn’t be the only ones. Most of the people in my small town would fly the flag as well.

In my past travels around the country I saw the same thing at other small towns. Houses, whether in brick or wood would have a flag proudly flying in front of their homes. And very rarely will the flag be tattered, old maybe.

The city on the other hand is another story. My house is the only one which has a flag up, it was the same thing last year. Most of the houses I pass by don’t have one either, and I live smack in the middle of the city. Leave the businesses, they put it up because it’s an instruction or a must do thing.

That’s the thing about having lived in a small town. You didn’t need someone to tell you to do something. You didn’t need an incentive to do something. No matter what the political situation was, small town people knew what patriotism was and the difference between government and country.

They also knew no matter who you supported, that doesn’t mean you are a horrible person. They wouldn’t stop talking to you because of who you supported or judge you on your views. Somehow the concept of agree to disagree is better felt in a small town than in the city. Mind you, they’re not unaware of what is going on. No they’re not simpletons, they just choose to prioritise on things they can change around them instead.

Neither will they wait to make changes in their community. I was once visiting a friend for Christmas when there was a commotion outside. Apparently someone saw a person climb into the neighbours house who was away for the holidays. The whole neighbourhood turned up to investigate the matter with sticks and brooms in hand while another called the cops who turned up in a short time.

Try imagining that happening in the city. Heck do you even report faulty roads or any issue that happens around your neighbourhood? Or do you wait for someone else to do it? Seriously ask yourself who are you waiting for?

So when we don’t care about what happens around us? Why do you think others will?
That’s what’s happening to the country. We all think we care but are we really doing what is necessary to bring change? Are we changing as citizens? Are we pushing our MPs and ADUNs to represent us where it matters? Are we equally doing it for both sides of the political divide? No we aren’t.

The silence when the opposition does wrong is sometimes so deafening. Don’t you realise you will create the same monsters on their other side since you never asked for accountability? Since you never walked up to your MP or ADUNs office and questioned them?

How many of you have actually put up the Jalur Gemilang for Merdeka this year?

Not flying it doesn’t mean you aren’t patriotic but make sure you know the difference between country and government. Somehow people get these wrong all the time. Tell me you are embarrassed by our government and I’ll stand with you on that. If you tell me this country is hopeless, then I have issues with it. This country is more than the government that runs it. Governments can be replaced, leaders can be replaced eventually coz WE PLACED them there but the essence and what makes you a Malaysian doesn’t change.

We are more united today then we have ever been. The concept of this was not how my country was before is a fallacy. Our ancestors were kept divided during the British and Japanese occupation. They mixed and tolerated each other because they had to and not coz they wanted to. They did so because of fear not because of love. The older generation said more racists stuff then the current generation today. It’s just most of it happened behind doors amongst their own races.

Yes there are issues but I can bet with you most people will stand up for their fellow Malaysian if they were being racially attacked. The problems we have amongst ourselves will solve itself the day we call ourselves Malaysians first before anything else. Only when we learn how to stop putting our religion or race first, only then will we be truly united.

You don’t need to fly the Jalur Gemilang but let me tell you why you should.

Because you love this country.
Because you value the struggles of the people who helped get independence for this beautiful country. Their struggles were real. No matter the issues we face today, we should always remember and celebrate this.
Because you truly feel you are Malaysian first.
Because you love this nation and its people.

On the same line, stop being embarrassed about celebrating Merdeka nor should you make others feel so. Merdeka is a day to celebrate the struggles of our forefathers to gain independence. It’s a day to remember our fallen heros. People who died for this country, the armed forces who still die for our country. That is what it is. Nothing more.

Don’t mix that with what you feel for the government. It is two separate things.

If you’ve ever been to the Merdeka day parade you will know that as long as the king is in attendance, no one else holds precedence. There are no speeches only a host occasional trumpeting the governments projects for the year which is usually drowned by the cheers from the crowd as the armed forces march by. Some years even that is not there.

Anyway I hope you understand the difference between country and government.

Raise the flag for your country, never for the government.

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Thursday, August 06, 2015



Thats how long our plane and people went missing.

Without a clue, without any visual sign. all we had were theories. all we had were statistical ideas of what could have happened, where it could have gone.

515 days passed and not a day went without a tiny question wondering what happened.

At least now we know MH370 lies at the bottom of the ocean.

At least now the families and friends will have closure.

At least now, one question is answered.

Yet we're left feeling empty.

God bless the souls that were lost in this tragedy.

May their families finally find peace and closure.

What a sad day for Malaysia.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dream, Dream Dream

APJ Abdul Kalam was a man of many talents.

But to me he will always be the rocket scientist who played the veena for that was what that piqued my interest when i first heard of him.

He was the child born at a seashore village in Tamilnadu who dreamt of the sky. He was the epitome of the man who transformed his dreams into reality. That dreams were not just dreams but could be transformed into reality.

“Dream, Dream Dream
Dreams transform into thoughts
And thoughts result in action.”

Failure simply meant try again or try something else for him.

At 83 he was still dreaming for India.

Alas the the dreamer of dreams is no more as he has slept through his final dream.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Entitled generation - Gen Y

I was thinking about the lowyat incident. How could a thief be so entitled and dumb to attack someone at a place where they had been caught stealing.

Then it was revealed he was 22 and jobless and it made so much sense - ah the entitled generation.

This is the generation that believes that everyone owes them. that the moment they graduate they should be showered with money, should be able to buy expensive smart phones, drive high end cars and shop till they drop.

Didn't we just hear another Gen Y claim the same (Zahra?). Well they're not alone in their expectations. Ask anyone who interviews Gen Y and hires them. They will tell you stories of how much these generation thinks the world owes them, and yet barely deliver on what is expected of them.

They're not jobless coz there are no jobs, they are jobless coz they are unhireable or have been joining and resigning jobs every few months once. Basically unreliable candidates who blame everyone else but themselves. Just take a look at the resumes on Job sites. It is pretty amazing how so many have the same profile.

I've been saying that i have no idea how the world will be in 10 years time, when the job market should be filled with gen ys.

looks like we don't have to wait to find out.

A bunch just started a riot coz they felt entitled enough to lie and stir up other equally entitled and easily manipulated people.

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Goodbye MSV

II didn't grow up at the prime of his music career. I was an 80s child after all. But I loved his music and the brilliant ones he continued to do even in the 80s. He had this amazing ability to play on both the carnatic and western style of music. He brought colour to the black and white movies of his time. He was such a talented man, not only was he a composer he played a few musical instruments and was one of my favourite character artists. Goodbye MSV, your music will live as long as Tamil Cinema exists.

one of my fav MSV songs

Vaan Nila Nila Alla Un Vaalibam Nila
Then Nila Enum Nila En Theviyin Nila
Then Nila Enum Nila En Theviyin Nila
Nee Illatha Naal Ellam Naan Theintha Vennila
Vaan Nila Nila Alla Un Vaalibam Nila

Maan Illatha Oorile Saayal Kannila
Maan Illatha Oorile Saayal Kannila
Poo Illatha Mannile Jaadai Vennila
Vaan Nila Nila Alla Un Vaalibam Nila

Theivam Kallila Oru Thogaiyin Sollila
Theivam Kallila Oru Thogaiyin Sollila
Ponnila Pottila Punnagai Mottila
Aval Kaatum Anbila
Inbam Kattilaa Aval Thaega Kattila
Theethilla Kaathala Oodala Koodala
Aval Meetum Pannilaa
Vaan Nila Nila Alla Un Vaalibam Nila

Vaazhkai Vazhiyila
Oru Mangaiyin Oliyila
Vaazhkai Vazhiyila
Oru Mangaiyin Oliyila
Oørila Naatilaa Aanantham Veetila
Aval Nenjin Aetila
Šøntham Irulilaa Oru Pøøvaiyum Arulilaa
Šøntham Irulilaa Oru Pøøvaiyum Arulilaa
Ènnilaa Aasaigal Ènnila Køndathaen
Athai Šølvaai Vennilaa..

Vaan Nila Nila Alla Un Vaalibam Nila
Then Nila Ènum Nila Èn Theviyin Nila
Nee Illatha Naal Èllam Naan Theintha Vennila
Vaan Nila Nila Alla Un Vaalibam Nila 


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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We're living on borrowed cash that doesn't exist

We're living on borrowed cash that doesn't exist - Visithra Manikam

ps: how do i trademark this one liner/ quote - damn proud of it ;p

Update: figured it out - its submitted here

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Man in the mirror

I love MJ. He is probably my earliest memory of watching tv. I think it used to be a saturday ritual to watch him on TV.

He wrote and sang some amazing songs. Some of which is still relevant today.

Every country has problems similar to ours. We need to never stop questioning them but we too need to change. And as Michael has said

I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change his Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself And Then Make A Change

Change begins with you. Do as much good as you can no matter how bad someone else treats you. YOU yes you can make a difference even if it is to one or two people.

its been 6 years since he passed on. Still missing you Michael

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Dear Canadians - public nudity is an offense in Malaysia

Dear Canadians

If you are looking about the two Canadian siblings Danielle and Lindsey Petersen who are or were, students at the University of Regina, that have been held back from leaving Malaysia for the offense of going naked on the top of mount Kinabalu. Let me explain what’s going on.

 The two are being held and investigated on the grounds that –

Public nudity is an offence in Malaysia. Under Section 294a, a person guilty of committing an obscene act in any public place can be jailed three months, fined or both.

Which apparently is something that is illegal even in Canada – though debatable apparently.

Canada has a tangle of confusing and inconsistently-enforced nudity laws.

Strictly speaking, s. 174 of Canada’s Criminal Code forbids nudity in public places or on private property that is exposed to public view “without a lawful excuse.”

This is a summary conviction offence, meaning it’s a less serious type of crime. It’s punishable by six months in jail, a $5,000 fine, or both.

The local Tribal community in Sabah however believe it has angered the spirits and guardians of the mountain (Kinabalu)  which is revered as a sacred place. Their actions are akin to someone walking into say the Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, Quebec or Soldier mountain (sacred to Ajumawi indians), Fall River valley, stripping naked and peeing.

Despite numerous pleas from the local guide, the group of tourists stripped and peed on the summit.

So not only have they disrespected local culture and believes, they have broken a law in Malaysia.

Perhaps try reading up on legal laws of a country and local culture before you attempt to visit or ridicule them?

Sincerely a Malaysian.  

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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Irresponsible Drivers - yes YOU

I like to drive fast. Driving was one of the things I wanted to do since I was a kid. But I have stopped driving fast in the last decade. Simply because nearly everyday someone tries to kill me on the road. And the worse part is, I rarely drive at peak hours! I go into work late and leave later just to avoid mad Malaysian drivers.
You cut as you wish.
You hit the breaks as you wish.
You're fiddling on your phone while driving.
You try to get into the third lane from the first at breakneck speed.
You stop wherever you wish.
You speed in parking lots.
You speed in residential areas.
You don't use signals.
You run traffic lights.
You speed the car when the light turns yellow.
You complain if you get summoned forgetting you broke the law.
You complain if there's a road block.
You don't wear seat belts.
Your passengers don't wear seat belts.
Your kids don't sit in car seats.
You don't give way and equally speed up to irresponsible drivers.
You go in and out of traffic thinking you're some daredevil driver.

Did you know you can die of accidents even if you're just driving at 20 km/h if you're not wearing a seatbelt?
Did you see how far that poor baby was flung out of the car? There was no way she was inside a car seat. 
Did you see how far the parents were flung out?
If I saw people racing on the road, I would back down and clear myself from their path. There's something called driving slower to avoid maniacs.

That CCTV clearly shows the pajero also speeding. You know why? Its bloody ego! No care for whoever is in the car coz you think it WON'T happen to me! 

YOU have a choice to BACK Down. YOU have a responsibility to your passengers who trusted their lives in your hands.

More Malaysians die on the road everyday because we are bloody irresponsible idiots.
Look in the mirror and ask yourself if you've never done any of this???

No use crying when people are dead.
No use blaming others when we're as irresponsible.
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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

You are beautiful

i dont have to even think. i would have choosen beautiful coz i am beautiful and i am beautiful for many people. and so are each of you. its okay if you don't think i'm beautiful, that's your choice and i cannot be beautiful for everyone.

i am very grateful for this confidence that i have given that since day one i have been told i am not beautiful for i do not have fair skin like my mother. do you know how many people have walked up to me and shamelessly said "oh such a pity you are not fair like your mother."

unfortunately for them i have always turned back and said, "why whats wrong with being dark. i love being dark and love that i have my fathers colour."

not being the typical size doesn't help either. but people forget that we are attracted to different types of people. there wil lalways be someone who thinks you AS YOU ARE are beautiful.

don't let people make you feel any less. say it after me - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. and when someone tells you that, learn to say thank you and don't brush it off.

I love these campaigns by Dove. sincerely beautiful

Beautiful is not a bad word. it is a lovely word that can energise people. So you too learn to tell people they are beautiful. especially your loved ones, tell them often, of how beautiful you think they are. even if they brush it off, say it again until they learn to believe it. ‪#‎dove‬ ‪#‎beautiful‬

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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

How to beat GST

Do you know theres a way to minimise gst effect - start cooking at home. all fresh food is zero gst rated. and most times you can cook better too. the number of times i have been dissapointed with overpriced salmon dishes outside is unbelivable. which is why i cook them at home.

but seriously think about it - every restaurant is going to hike up prices coz of the domino effect of gst and then above that you're going to get charged gst. we often pay for mediocre food coz its easily available. my friends overseas where gst has been charged for years and where eating out is too expensive, have a habit of cooking and packing lunches.

its not too hard also and way healthier. the truth is we're all bloody lazy, me included. things like cus cus can be prepared like in minutes if you need carbs. like just pour hot water, add butter and salt and tadah you have carbs. rice also cooks pretty fastla. one meal dishes are super easy to prepare like my favourite kunyit stir fry.

you know so many places screw up that beautiful dish? like seriously la!!

there are group buys for a lot of fresh food on fb, join one and buy in bulk for better prices as well.

anyway time to start rethinking how we do things - the stingy one in me is rearing its head lol

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GST is here

I'm stingy. Have always been. And I can mentally calculate price differences in secs which is why I decided to join the fray of gst shoppers. I was due to shop for stuff anyway. While shopping I realized one thing. While I could afford to make some savings for the next few months. 

Most ppl who live paycheck to paycheck won't be able to. The cashiers breaking their backs at grocery shops are probably one of them. The queues have been crazy long last few days and yet most have been patient. 2015 isn't going to be any easier than 2014. All I can say is work extra hard to keep the ball rolling.

GST is here.

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Monday, March 30, 2015

The struggles of a book nerd ;p

OMG this is so me!  The struggles of a book nerd

1 and 13 - is my biggest dilema all the time - especially when packing for trips! 

2 and 3 - troy, troy was so screwed up for me. throughout the movie i went, no thats not it, NOOOOOOOOO (in between ogling over brad pitt ;p

5, 14 - this is why i am not allowed to buy books and then i bought half a bag full in Hyderabad - hummm ;p

7 and 8 - this gets me like arggg 

9, 10 - hello you crazy is it

11 - ahha

15 - when i moved, all the boxes had books in it, half full so the movers wouldnt break their backs, and yet one box still broke and the movers went WTH is in here??? ;p 

22 - ahha happened before and i dont care ;p 

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Monday, February 02, 2015

Thaipusam 2015

Muruga having a laugh with the priest ;p

I just got back from the start of the 125th Thaipusam celebrations here in Kuala Lumpur. The silver chariot procession began earlier tonight and throughout shooting the photos i kept wondering what the heck was different with the chariot! And wahlah - its the OM - the OM is missing! I'm kinda sad - i loved the OM but the new chariot and its lights are quite pretty and they kept it classy and its all golden hues. And Muruga looked so pretty with his red garland - the decorations were just perfect.

This is my 10th year photographing the Thaipusam celebrations! Yes 10 beautiful years!! ;)  And I just realised it while writing this post. Damn, I need to put all this in a book soon!

For memories sake - here are the chariot photos from the 9 years.

Thaipusam 2006  Thaipusam 2007  The Chariot

  2006                                    2007                                        2008  

The chariotThe Chariot  Home ;)

2009                                        2010                                  2011

  thaipusam 2012    The chariot    
    2012                            2013                                   2014

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hello 2015

Yes hello there.

So I haven't been here for sometime. well to be honest its easier to post on social media FB, Twitter or Insta - so you can follow me in one of these places.

I turned another year older but I'm glad to report people still think i'm 26/27. yes lol. So yayy to that.

2014 was crazy. that's the best word to describe it. Super highs on one side, super lows on another. By the end of it, I just wanted to move along like can we just go. So the birthday went uncelebrated as we grappled with another set of tragedies.

Thank god I was away travelling coz this is how those few last days went, everytime I got back to the hotel, I would cry after reading the updates of the floods and plane crash.

The thing is I had just traveled through those places in the beautiful state of Kelantan. they are such wonderful people so it was painful to see what they were going through. But ah Malaysians, you made my heart soar, such show of solidarity as so many scrambled to do something for them and many actually went to the states to help.

Of course 2015 doesn't seem to want to tone down. it has been a whirlwind of craziness.

Ah but I travelled so much in 2014, going to places i have wanted to go.

There was the music season in Chennai for the annual birthday trip which included multiple opportunities to watch Rajesh Vaidhya. My god what a birthday it was in 2013 to sit two rows from the stage and watch him play. and of course by mid year the whole count of number of times i've watched him live increased as he turned up in KL not once but twice! i was sitting next to a music teacher I know for one of the concerts and we kept going - omg omg omg. which coincidentally i have in recording ;p lol

Then Thaipusam came and went and I have yet to finish editing the photos - it has been such a busy year.

Then there was the short trip to Perak to shoot a dance arangetram and a stop at Ipoh.

Then there was the trip to Kolkata/ Varanasi. Okay this time i barely stopped at Kolkata. But my second trip to Varanasi was amazing. slightly quieter as it wasn't Shivarathri but still pretty amazing. My flower boy still remembered me and he now speaks wonderful english as compared to a year back. Oh i got interviewed for a Singapore channel, the show aired somewhere in the mid year.

Then there was the trip to Kota Kinabalu. oh how i had missed those islands. Of course i had to get into some drama. How else do you explain getting locked up by the bus driver in a bus? i still think he thought i was a ghost. still at least the KK cops were entertained when i called them for help to save me! ;p

Dammit i miss snorkeling!!

Then I stopped travelling mostly for the World Cup. Omg what a world cup, so many upsets, my poor poor Brazil. I'm still getting teased about that by the way!

Life, work got crazy, too many things going on at the same time. Like i said crazy year.

The gopro has become a daily cam, making it easy to take and upload photos asap and it is so funnnnn. Which means i have posted more photos it than those taken on the dslr. and on some trips i didn't even take the dslr.

This years independance day celebration was a blast not as filled with military but still pretty awesome.

Then I began the non stop travelling spree. First up was beautiful Kelantan - such a beautiful state. from beautiful kerala like backwater canals to beautiful ww2 bridges in the middle of no where to getting caught in a crazy storm before heading to the beach. yeah it was and omg i had nasi dagang. the most yummiest thing ever. sigh how to get nasi dagang here? how? how? how?

Then Navarathri came. Ah what a beautiful time - my favourite festival.

Oh i also did two photo exhibitions last year, got featured in a paper and mag i think. also thanks to getting forced, i made my first photobook in 2 days! yes two days! like was i crazy or what - anyway it needs some reworking coz the text turned out gigantic ;p hehhehe

Then it was the lazy trip to Seminyak, Bali. Well all i do at the beach is hit the water or laze around reading a book. it was my first ime on a surf beach where i was sitting and jumping mad waves ;p That wave in the picture was twice my height! HOly moly!

But of course drama follows and I nearly drowned in a pool coz of a stupid girl. Omg i can finally say it - stupid, stupid girl. i seriously wanted to slap her for her stupidity. I travel the world alone and have never drowned and this happens. haish - some people are just too stupid.

The much awaited Myanmar trip to Yangon and Bagan happened in October. Oh I loved that country and its people. so refreshingly nice and sincere. Bagan was so stunning, and watching the sun rise and set is seriously what an amazing experience, especially the sunrise.

Then there was the quick trip to Singapore to watch Anil Srinivasan in concert and to meet my long lost friend. Wow that was one amazing concert.

For once I managed to be in KL on Christmas itself. Haven't done that for sometime. And KLCC out did itself in the decoration. What a sight. I walked out of the mall and gasped at this sight.

I ended the year in Hyderabad for the annual birthday holiday. Ah i love that city. the weather is so lovely in December. You can just sit outside in the garden and read a book and you won't sweat at all. I kept stopping at places just so i could enjoy the weather. and it would get chilly at night and I'd have to wear a sweather! The city with the perfect weather. Fear not Hyderabad folks, I have been told by numerous folks that this is only a few months thing! but still ;p

The Nizam's have built some amazing structures and i managed to visit others outside the city and in the much hotter parts of the United States of Andhra!!! Hehehe the trademark to that phrase belongs to a friend whom i promptly told - I'm stealing it!

Oh and the city has better taste in clothes than Chennai with its jang overdone gold big prints that drive me crazy.

Anyway as you can see the year has been busy and you're better off following me on Instagram where I post something nearly everyday than look for updates here.

Till the next post then. No promises.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Its Christmassssssssss

When I was a kid i insisted in decorating our potted fir tree for Christmas - i was about 7 or 9 years old. Every year that i can remember i have celebrated Christmas, usually much more than i do Deepavalli. I was born right in the middle of Christmas and New Year! How can I not celebrate?

That's why i'm always jumping around decorating the office, home, planning christmas parties. and guess what i'm still Hindu and oh all my Christmas's have been vegetarian ;p

All you people mumbling about wishing people or whatever else nonsense, haish go play far far, its CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ;p

ps: oh Hello lovely blog people ;p
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Monday, October 20, 2014

10 years

10 years ago, I lost the person who loved me the most – my appa on this very date, 3 days before Deepavalli. I stopped celebrating that year. It wasn’t that hard coz I wasn’t very into it.

But every year he’d make sure I got anything I wanted. Every year I remember I’d delay putting my kolam for Deepavalli as I’d be waiting to watch the annual pre-deepavalli blockbuster. Even post Astro, I think it was a tradition of sorts at every home coz it was always a Rajini or Kamal movie.

So by the time I started one of my elaborate kolam designs, it would be nearly 11 at night. Yet every year he would stay awake along with me as I took hours to finish my kolam, never really complaining.

He’d spend the whole of the next week protecting my kolam from being stepped on.  No matter who turned up he’d rush to tell them – watch out for the kolam.

We had another ritual every other year after the morning prayers at the temple, we would leave for a holiday somewhere. My love of travelling was inherited from my father. Which is why nearly every Deepavalli, I’m not here. In one way it is a salute to him in another it’s the best escape from the general gloom I feel around this time. Though I’m sure he’s mumbling from above with all the solo travelling I do.

It’s been a rollercoaster year of highs and lows.

I am who I am today because of his passing but not a day goes by that I didn’t wish he was still around to at least fight with me.

I will be off travelling again with limited internet I think. 

Happy Deepavalli everyone – see you when I get back.

Life and Death

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Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Airport craziness

The new bali airport (ngurah rai) is pretty messed up. it takes forever to get out (if you need a visa) and if you're not smart and alert you'll be caught in one of the stupid queues. (one of the cops right at the entrance wasn't allowing ppl in unless they showed their departure card, so i blinked and sweetly asked can i go in first? ;p) the security checks reminded me of india. then they make you walk around the whole airport through mazes of shops (like singapore train stations) before you finally get to go to your gate. but guess what for the one hour that i was there i started hearing every single flight changing gates and we too finally had our flight gates changed! such bad management by angkasapuri.

so if you're headed there go to the airport early. 

KLIA 2 on the other hand is another singapore train station clone, miles and miles of walking on both legs of travel. this was the first time i ended up at the gate just mins before boarding coz i kept walking and walking and never found our gate. the newly introduced metered taxi is a sad thing and will probably be kicked off soon on the pretenxt of no demand as everytime you head to the counter they tell you only executive taxis are available so people head back to the couponed lanes. 

Go ask MAB about it, not me.  

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